Midlands In-Hand National Show 26 June ’04

  • MIDLANDS IN-HAND NATIONAL Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcs 26 June

    RH y’stck(A Robertson) y’ling sml 1, R Penn’s Bright N’ Breezy; 2, J Parson’s Ilinga Of Sharloam; 3, H Bourne’s Shortwood Sadarahs Outlaw. do lge 1 & res, C Delaney’s Pro-zak; 2, E Kirby’s Donatella Versache; 3, R Penn’s Wingrafin. 2-y-o sml 1 & ch, R MacKenzie’s Shortwood Pale Rider; 2, S Cunningham’s Howetown Mazurka; 3, R Barton’s Romany River Scarlett Silk. 3-y-o sml 1, P Soflias’s Bryncadoc Royal Charmer; 2, R Reardon’s Diamonds Echo Forever. 2-y-o lge1, E Eagle’s Springtide; 2, J Wheatley’s Double Take. 3-y-o lge 1, Mattick & Thornton’s Another K2; 2, G List’s Deards Tittle Tattle; 3, J Linge’s Skys the Limit. sports horse (P Hobbs) y’ling filly 1, R Penn’s Wingraffin; 2, E Kirkby’s Lucky Lady; 3, M Blackham’s Foxbarn Composer. do colt/geld 1, N Wilmington’s Paltaganet; 2, D William’s Warmington Jonjo; 3, A Gibbins’ Pencarder Romeo. 2-y-o filly 1, L Dagge’s Pure Impulse; 2, L Crowden’s Woodlander Louisiana; 3, K Clack’s Gafros Ruby Tuesday. do colt/geld 1 & res, E Eagles’s Springtide; 2, M Skinner’s Mines A Double; 3, L Crowther’s Buckenhill. 3-y-o filly 1, Skys The Limit; 2, V Scouller’s Bonheur; 3, Dearns Tittle Tattle. do colt/geld 1 & ch, G Merton’s Standen Secret Agent; 2, G Bawden-Buckingham’s Clinton; 3, Another K2. 4-y-o & over 1, D Robert’s Litton Midnight Melody; 2, P Carter’s Ibee Ajustin it; 3, S Farr’s Southdene Piper. Cleveland Bays ( C Green) Pure/part 1/2/3 y-old 1& ch, K Wylie’s Wyevale Loretta; 2& res, Mullen’s Fairoaks; 3, S Cutt’s Folds Veronica. Palominos (S Nelson) 1/2/3 y-old 1& res, D May’s Roundhill’s Gucci; 2, J Duke’s Dukes Mountain Gold; 3, C Phipps-Hewlett’s Hurstpark Jubilee Tabitha. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, D Webb’s Colbridge Miracle Gold; 2, M Edward’s Shulay Silver ‘N Gold; 3, J Saunder’s Roundhills Dazzling Gold. Arabs (C Rowell) pure y’ling 1, K Carr’s Saudee; 2, C Matthias’s Silver Diamond. do 2/3-y-o 1 & res, V Willcock’s Diamante. mare/geld 4-y-o & over 1, N Steven’s Aloysia; 2, P McLaughan-Coleyshaw’s Klasique; 3, K Phillip’s TFA Sirius. stallion 1 & ch, J Parfitt’s Oryons Prince; 2, M Bint’s Distinkt; 3, J Parson’s Prince Santros. Anglo/part-bred y’ling under 14.2hh 1, Bankswood Prince Of Rogues; 2, P Shepheard’s Hideaway Standing Ovation; 3, H Hoy’s Universal Paper Tiger. do exc 14.2hh 1, Illinga of Sharloam. 2/3-y-o 14.2hh 1 & res, C Trodd’s Litton Lysander; 2, D McCormack’s Rotherwood Senorita; 3, A Pritchard-Simmons Cupidhill Charisma. do exc 14.2hh 1, L Upton’s Twilight Deja Vu; 2, A Gregg’s Roodlebats Scoundrel; 3, S Cunningham’s Howetown Mazurka. mare/geld 4-y-o & over 1, H Horler’s Lechlade Cyclamen; 2, D Coldicutt’s Bridgegates Flying Fox; 3, D Robert’s Litton Midnight Melody. foal 1, H Horler’s Baybrook foal. stallion 1 & ch, A Watkin’s Breinton Royal Pagent; 2, A Prithcard-Simmon’s Cupidhill Grand Marnier. show hack breeding (A Robertson) y’ling small 1, F Farley’s Royal Amourette; 2, R Penn’s Bright N’ Breezy. 2/3-y-o sml 1 & ch, J Payne’s Whinchats Rodney Bay; 2 & Am ch & res Clinwill ch, A Gregg’s Roodlebats Scoundrel; 3, Twilight Deja Vu. lge 1, L Lidbury’s Raven Minstrel. brood mare 1, S Morris’s Take A Gamble;2, S Englefield’s Misscapability. foal 1, S Engelfield’s Race The Breeze. American breeds pure/part (C King) y’ling/2/3-y-o 1 & res, D Delves Golden Oak Groovy Girl; 2, N Morrice’s Braveheart; 3, K Jerram’s Shadel Second Time Around. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, J Thompson’s Sub Zero Thyme; 2, N Rodley’s JPR Midnight Lace; 3, J Dukes’s Dukes Touch Of Fun. Haflinger (H Samuels) 3-y-o & under 1, H Blair’s Oxnead Windsor; 2, J Critchlow’s Mosscarr Wunschsten; 3, A Mogridge’s Talbenny Eirudd. do 4-y-o & over 1, H Blair’s Nomad; 2, J Critchlow’s Oxnead Anthem; 3, J Tewson’s Millslade Arnica. coloured horse/pony(R Buckley) y’ling/2/3-y-o (sec A) 1, L Giboney’s Bryngarn Alibi; 2, K Burrow’s Pencarder Lemexico; 3, A Green’s Lazyacres Minnie Haha. do (sec B) 1, B Steward’s Gafros Taliesin; 2, K Burrow’s Hunstsmans Pride; 3, J Miller’s Ardenwood Hopi Princess. 4-y-o & over 14.2hh 1, ch res ch mare & res ch amat, R Slinn’s Jennys Jigsaw; 2, W Edward’s Pattaya Flight; 3, Weatheroak Apache. do exc 14.2hh 1 & res, K Dean’s Eerie Indiana; 2, R Swift’s Grand Cherokee; 3, Sub Zero Thyme. cob/trad 1, D Kersley’s Bashful Bobby Dazzler; 2, R Day’s Gafros Taliesin; 3, H Davies’s Stunning Sam. hunter pony breeding (S Nelson) y’ling 133cm 1, E Morris’s Penstrumbly Pollyanna; 2, J Walker’s Bunbury Sabre. do 153cm 1 & res, S Lane’s Northlands Main Lane; 2, D Clarke’s Pintofields Scallywag Gee; 3, P Sheperd’s Hidaeaw Standing Ovation. do 2/3-y-o 133cm 1, L Roger’s Ditchfield Dokata; 2, F Kennedy’s Pippins Picturebook. do 153cm 1 & ch, C Trodd’s Litton Lysander; 2, Bankswood Scandal; 3, W Thomas’s Golden Gunner. mare 133cm 1, Misscapability. reg part bred Welsh y’ling 1, Sith&Wells’s Wellstan Serenity; 2, F Farley’s Royal Amourette; 3, P Shepherd’s Hideaway Standing Ovation. 2/3-y-o 1, K Barkus’s Trelawn Gaiety Girl; 2, Rotherwood Senerita; 3, Pippins Picturebook. mare/geld 1, Eccles&Sandison’s Bankswood Angelica; 2, S Neathway’s Balfearn Frosted Story. foal 1, Bankswood foal. riding pony breeding(C Ruchwaldy) y’ling 122 cm 1, W Gwilliam’s Perrington Anastasia; 2, L Giboney’s Bryngarn Hermione; 3, H Hoy’s Universal Paper Tiger. do 128cm 1, Wells&Smith’s Wellstan Serentity. do 138 cm 1 & Clinwill ch & res y’ling ch, Bankswood Prince Of Rogues; 2, Godden&Newnham’s Moorhall Topcat; 3, 97. do 148cm 1, P Bryd’s Comberton Carys; 2, M Culley’s Windthorn Shades of Night. 2/3-y-o 122cm 1, D Dawson’s Daudor Almonda; 2, D Robert’s Romany River Tiny Tim; 3, S Ranford’s Greenlinks Furrey Dance. do 128cm 1, C Thompson’s Lowland Paris; 2, K Barkus’s Trelawn Gaity Girl. do 138cm 1, Rotherwood Senorita; 2, Cupidhill Charisma. colt/stall 148cm 1, Pippins Picturebook; 2, Cupidhill Grand Marnier. brood mare 128cm 1 & res, Bankswood Angelica. foal 1, Bankswood foal. brood mare 148cm 1, Lechlade Cyclamen. foal 1 , Lechlade foal. hunters (J Newborough) y’ling 158cm 1 & y’ling ch, Pencarder Romeo. 2/3-y-o filly/geld 158cm 1 & res, G Merton’s Standons Secret Agent; 2, V Scouller’s Military Crisis; 3, D Wilesmith’s Silkoats. y’ling colt/geld 1, G Merton’s Skellig Rock; 2, J Bray’s Bitter Luck; 3, N Wilmington’s Plantaganet. do filly 1, Wingrafin; 2, P McGirr’s Tyrone Ballydale; 3, H Dawson’s Sinai Wild Dancer. 2-y-o geld 1, P Ludlow’s Illusion; 2, Mines A Double. do filly 1, Iris’sLegacy; 2, Double Take. 3-y-o geld 1 & ch, J Mason’s Burlyns Ad Lib; 2, D Brazier’s Belvedere II; 3, Clinton. sml brood mare with foal 1, S Hookham’s Dreamtime. foal 1, Dreamtime foal. do L/W 1, Hon Gaussen’s Nutbeam Cracker; 2, S Haden’s Blazers Baby; 3, N Elstow’s Texas Twostep. foal 1 & sup ch foal, N Elstow’s Academy Award. h’wt brood mare with foal 1 & res, V Scouller’s Madame Bea; 2, J Jones’s Trendsetter; 3, G List’s Dears Seven Bells. foal 1,Trendsetter foal; 2, Madame Bea foal; 3, Truscilla foal. warmbloods (J Poole) y’ling 1, Wingrafin; 2, A Reddy’s Rouletta; 3, Donatella Versache. 2/3-y-o filly/geld 1 & res, M Potter’s Don Davvi Don; 2, L Crowden’s Woodlander Lousiana; 3, J Peopall’s Welstar. brood mare 1 & ch, M Smith’s Herbstwolke; 2, M Smith’s Holme Grove Herriot; 3, Wodlander Savannah. foal 1, L Moulson’s Donnachelle; 2, M Smith’s Singing Herriotglanz; 3, A Reddy’s Runaway. Shetlands (O Hawker) y’ling 1, A Moseley’s Scotscraig Bonny Lass; 2, C Leake’s Staplow Tassel; 3, A Francis’s Serenteifi Morgan Llwyd. 2/3-y-o 1, R Gwilliams Earlswood Joy; 2, S Gibson’s Coppice Blossom; 3, S Cross’s Lister Juniper. mare/geld 1, N Sarson’s Marmor Seren; 2, S Cozen’s Stepley Tonika; 3, S Cross’s Hose Everard. foal 1, N Sarson’s Mapkin Polly. stallion 1 & ch, R Gwilliam’s Southfieldgate Valiant; 2, S Cozen’s Stepley Oscar; 3, N Sarsons’ Champlers Apollo. miniature y’stck 1, S Penfold’s Ringkay Zorro; 2, G Smith’s Longfield Meg; 3, L Hutchinson’s Longfield Lotti. do 4-y-o & over 1 & res, S Cozen’s Stepley Bany Belle; 2, Champlers Apollo; 3, S Penfold’s Khinjan Jester. Dartmoor (R Phillipson-Stow) open 1 & ch, P Morris’s Moortown Solo; 2 & res, E Carpenter’s Pumphill Cascart. Connemara y’ling 1 & res, F Tyler’s Shipton Merlin; 2, A Jupp’s Oaklands Sagittarius; 3, C Culley’s Beenleighford Swallow. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Joynes&Newman’s Shipton Finola May. Highland 3-y-o & under 1, H Baylis’s Islay O’ The Glens. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, H Baylis’s Kylesku Pipe Major; 2 & res, D Cunningham-Reed’s Dunedin Fraochlan; 3, P Harvey’s Oak Croft Struan. New Forest 1 & ch, A Key’s Kauri Enterprise; 2 & res, A Day’s Sprattsdown Saylum; 3, A Key’s Rodlease Spring Joy. Exmoor 3-y-o & under 1 & ch, H Crawford’s Cowbridge Cascade. Fell & Dales 3-y-o & under 1 & res, R McNamara’s Lydvale Jacob; 2, H Crawford’s Cowbridge Jewel. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch M&M, T Capstick’s Murthwaite Mulan. Welsh sec A (A Tilley) y’ling 1 ,D Morris’s Putwell Granite; 2, S Harries’s Castlemead Xsara; 3, Smith&Wells’s Wellbank Horatio. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, I Stansfield’s Dyfed Calico; 2 & res, P Ward-Burton’s Criccieth Donna; 3, M Plummer’s Dyfed Posey. mare/geld 1 & res geld, C Mead’s Blaenau Freddie; 2, M Cook’s Littlemead Ivy; 3, K Cashmore’s Trefaes Dancing Flash. brood mare 1 & ch mare, J Curry’s Pontllys Delyth Ddu; 2, S Keswani’s Tamesvalley Bo Peep; 3, C Wilson’s Rushton Cocoa. foal 1, S Keswani’s Amilas foal; 2, C Wilson’s Popsy. stallion 1,S Harries’s Highflown Japhet; 2, E Garsides’s Forrestgate Cesaro; 3,D Powell’s Tollgate Crack Willow. sec B y’ling 1, L Wilson’s Llanarth Sahadow; 2, P Young’s Mathon Harrier. 2/3-y-o 1 & res M&M ch, Sleeman&Gay’s Lemonshill Top Note; 2, J Hawkin’s Stoakham Nocholai. mare/geld 1 & res, P Ward-Burton’s Manorwood Patience; 2, D McKormick’s Moelview Ceris; 3, P Wilding-Davies’s Fayre Correna. foal 1 & res ch foal, P Wilding-Davies’s Fayre Candice; 2, D James’s Kerandi Bobby Dazzler; 3, K Cheetham’s Carrwood Serinette. stallion 1, E Johnston’s Paddock Personality. sec C (J Thomas) 2/3-y-o 1, S Patch’s Ridgehill Rebecca; 2, D Wood’s Teywood Geordie Boy; 3, R Davies’s Hywi Jessica. mare/geld 1, unlisted; 2, R Davies’s Foeluchaf Angelica; 3, D Hand’s Joyton Tulip Lady. foal 1,Springfieldpark My Precious; 2, Foeluchaf Angelica foal. stallion 1 & ch, D Wood’s Crossfields Glory. sec D y’ling 1 & ch, R Davies’s Sgwo Yr Eira Opal; 2, S Patch’s Ridgehill Cameo. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, S Hopson’s Phensara Red Lady; 2, B Hoddinott’s Crugmelyn Dai ; 3, L Brown’s Rangehill Meteor. mare/geld 1, S Smith’s Boblands Balinera; 2, G William’s Gelligaer Princess; 3, P Wynne’s Palinate Catrina. foal 1, D Caulwell’s Peaceriver Sioux. other breeds (C King) reg pure/part y’ling/2/3-y-o 1 & ch, N Rodley’s Heronstone Starlight. Appaloosa 1 & ch, N Morrice’s Braveheart; 2, A Heath’s Myriad Tribal Dancer; 3, J Shakespeare’s Dynamic Edition. spotted pony (J Nash) y’ling/2/3-y-o 14.2hh 1 & res, D Cooper’s Hermit’s Dazzle; 2, J Hodge’s Halstock Marksman; 3, D Cooper’s Fortenham Cracker. 4-y-o & over 14.2hh 1 & ch, Z Jackson’s Pixel Pebbledash; 2, P McLaughan-Coleyshaw’s Broomells Desert Songbird; 3, R Jones’s Broomells Sun Up. open spotted horse y’stck 1, Braveheart; 2, J Baker’s Spotless Rain Dancer; 3, Dynamic Edition. 4-y-o & over exc 14.2hh 1, Myriad Tribal Dancer; 2, N Morrice’s Joe Sorrento; 3, Dukes Touch Of Fun. miniature breeds y’ling/2/3-y-old 42″ 1 & res, Golden Oak Groovy Girl; 2, Halstock Marksman; 3, Hermits Dazzle. 4-y-o & over 42″ 1 & ch, D Delves’s El Pampero; 2, Broomells Sun Up; 3, R Jones’s Brijanan Bobby Dazzler.

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