Mid Shires results ’06

  • MID SHIRES, College EC, Bedforshire, results ’06

    WHP int (J Holway & S Ward) 1 & ch, D Edmundson’s Rapidashfire; 2, I Pendred’s Jetski; 3, M Canter’s Galley Hill. 153cm 1, B Crosbie Starling’s Mystic Napoliana; 2, A Clark’s Little Miss Conundrum; 3, K Hirst’s Straith Liath. 143cm 1 & res, S Nicklin’s Glengoole Boy; 2, Mrs Banks-Browne’s Rocky B; 3, P Watson’s Regal Opposition. 133cm 1, S Potts’s Splash Of Light; 2, D Watchorn’s Gryngallt Pageant; 3, Mrs Blant’s Treawen Foxglove. NS (K Payne & J Bayley-Machin) 1, R How’s Dorlyn Calais; 2, L Grant’s Rossdale Sandpiper; 3, C Booker’s Master Rascal. CS 1, A Beaty’s Cefn Charmer; 2, Master Rascal; 3, S Pickering’s Wiston Crackerjack. adv NS 1, H Watts’s Purple Ronnie; 2, Mrs Leavesley’s Valentine Cadence; 3, Z Mossman’s Llidiart Illusion. mixed height nov 1, Mrs Greenwell’s The Earwig; 2, C Wall’s Bunbury Best Man; 3, E C West’s Fair Dominic. open 1, The Earwig; 2, D Edmundson’s Rosie Doyle; 3, Straith Wath. Heritage Connemara, New Forest (D Hinde) 1, Mr & Mrs Cook’s Millfield’s Sportsman; 2, L Hodson’s Silver Of Roscon; 3, P Ryder & J Phillips’s Atlantic Price Of Peace. Welsh sec D, Fell, Dales, Highland 1, V Hawkins-Smith’s Townend Tom; 2, A Glenn’s Aberdovey Afon Ddu; 3, S Larson’s Bradbrook Cascade Magic Lady. sec B/C 1 & ch, J Staveley’s Newtonhill Prince Alfie; 2, J R Smith’s Barla Royal Heir; 3, S Harrison & N Middlemas’s Kikhamgate Mr Cool. sml breeds 1 & res, P Starkie’s Waxwing Paintbox; 2, Countess Of Shrewsbury’s Chetwynd Caspar; 3, K Stzostak’s Whinberry Florin. LR 1 & res, K Faulkner’s Hawkdale Lansman; 2, S & G Darlington’s Halnaker Myra; 3, Mrs Bury’s Panky Moor Rambler. FR 1 & ch, Waxwing Paintbox; 2, T Neal’s Bushmoor Rocco; 3, C Mackay’s Rosmarche Hemlock. SHP int (C Yates) 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Renoir; 2, Mrs Hessleinte’s In The Limelight. 153cm 1 & ch, N Haynes’s Sukhothai; 2, L Miller’s Regal dancer; 3, Mrs Banks-Browne’s Fine And Dandy. 143cm 1, J Hopkins’s Pebbly Silver Fox; 2, A Smith’s Stainswick First Occasion; 3, L Guyett’s Stambrook Romany Fayre. 133cm 1 & res, Mesd Templeton & Rowland’s Yealand Angelina; 2, J Gill’s Trelawn Kingfisher; 3, Mr & Mrs Allen’s Hollowmarsh Pigdy. 122cm 1, J Harvey’s Rillaton Trade Fair; 2, J Stapleton’s Llangorfe Crickhowell; 3, K Gibbard’s Dawcester Simon LR 1, Llangorfe Crickhowell; 2, M Rowson’s Mountain Kaie; 3, S J Flavell’s Royalswood Pageboy. mixed height nov SP (P Ash) 1, J Gill’s Stanley Grange Roulette; 2, C Murray’s Copybush Catch The Dream; 3, S J Flavell’s Haracres Chatterbox. first pony of hunter type 1, K Gibbard’s Elliott Surprise; 2, M L D’Agati’s Bracon Moon Fairy. mixed nov SHP 1, Trelawn Kingfisher; 2, M Skinner’s Pennygale Billy Button; 3, T Jackson’s Northern Lights IV. SP 128cm (G Evans) 1 & ch, J Gill’s Charn Kingfisher; 2, V Wiggs’ Rhos Exquisite; 3, H Brill & S Arrowsmith’s Anton Princess Nadia. 138cm 1, C Murray’s Devine Lyric; 2, V Wiggs’ Rhos Emilia; 3, D Lacey’s Fofsway Optimist. 148cm 1, R Bosworth’s Harlow Simply The Best; 2, W Bishop’s Marshbrook Lobelia; 3, L Few’s Marchemanor Red Start. int SRT 153cm 1 & ch, S Harrison’s Royal Silk; 2, Mrs Richards’s Crafton King Of Swing; 3, Harlow Simply The Best. exc 153cm 1, S Pickup’s Hamptonne Prince Of Tides; 2, Mr & Mrs Jerram’s City Lights; 3, V Smith’s Rouge Noir. SP LR 1 & ch, C Higham’s Hightopps China Doll; 2, J Hawkins’s Barkway Mimosa. FR 1 & res, K Hirst’s Trelawn Pom Pom; 2, S Bettles Lanaway Sparkle; 3, L Taylor’s Longreach Mazurka. part-bred/Anglo Arab 148cm (A Bayley-Machin) 1, L Bates’ Warleigh Star Appeal; 2, Marchemanor Red Star; 3, J Brockbank’s Towan Mister Pickwick. exc 148cm 1 & ch, A Lucas’s Holltess Veni Vidi Vici; 2 & res, A Webb’s Rotherwood Tomcat; 3, Crafton King Of Swing. associate sml hunter (S Jull) 1, H Pottle’s After Moors; 2, Sukhothai; 3, A Basham’s Castle Rock. sml RH 1, V Rouge Noir. Pretty Polly LR 1, K Storey’s Wynswood Jonquil; 2, Hightopps China Doll; 3, J Hawkins’s Barkway Mimosa. FR 1, K Hirst’s Trelawn Pom Pom; 2, V Wiggs’s Firle Squirrell Nutkin; 3, K Gibbard Smith’s Elliotte Surprise. mixed height SP 1, Devine Lyric; 2, Marchemanor Red Star; 3, A Smith’s Haighend Special Edition. SHP 133cm 1, Carrs BMW’s Brotiefi Standing Ovation; 2, Dawcester Simon Of Warleigh; 3, K Hirst’s Colby Starglow. exc 133cm 1, Stainswick First Occasion; 2, S D Awy’s Moondance; 3, Sukhothai.

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