Mid Herts County, 4 August

  • MID HERTS COUNTRY Redbourn, Herts, 4 August

    HOYS int SH 1 & ch, Mrs Kobbe’s Double Dutch; 2, Mrs A Fowler’s Va Loin; 3, Mrs C Williams’ Little Diamond. int SRT 153cm 1, Mrs T Wallace’s Ninfield Windsor Girl; 2, Mrs S Church’s Catwalk Little Star; 3, G Richards Crafton King Of Swing. 158cm 1 & res, Mrs J Barton’s Dutch Dame; 2, Mrs J Williamson’s Lyncombe Blue Print; 3, Miss l Millman & Mr M Stewart’s Ruby Tuesday. Area 15A ch Miss L Haines’ Pilgrims Confidence; res, Mrs C Murray’s Broteifi PillowTalk. FR 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs C Horton’s Megland Vision; 2, Mrs B Skeet’s Devon Raindance; 3, Mrs S Dennison’s Hightopps Dancing Bee. LR 1 & res, Mrs L Bowen’s Small-Land Hot Spot; 2, Mrs C Perry’s Barkway Priceless; 3, S Davis’ Rosslayne Foxglove. HOYS SP 128cm 1, Carrs BMW’s Chaseford Charmer; 2, V Windsor-Phillips’ Deanhills Squirrel Nutkin; 3, TA & Mrs K Pitcher’s Fidra Double O Seven. 138cm 1 & ch, Mrs J Harvey’s Beckside First Impression; 2 & res, Mrs B Skeet’s Devon Touch Of Class; 3, Mrs D Lacey’s Jackets Maybelle. 148cm 1, L Goodyear’s Comberton Lord Of The Dance; 2, Jago & Carvosso’s Rivenhall Last Waltz; 3, L Jackson’s Highmead Sheer Chance. novice cob 1, Mrs C Bardo’s Incobnito; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Phoeinx; 3, T French’s Ballustree Quality Street. HOYS cob, lwt 1 & ch, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Titan; 2, J Marchant’s Hortons Malachi; 3, Mannanan Stud’s Shonbally Angel. hwt 1 & res, Miss H Phillips’ Hunky Dory II; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Janus; 3, Miss S Noble’s Jiminey Cricket. maxi cob 1, L Williams’ Vital Spark. nov RH 1, Mr G Mather’s Ballacooiley; 2, Miss S Pickup’s Bowood Diamond; 3, J Firth’s Jack Flash. HOYS RH lge 1 & ch, Mrs N Heseltine’s Queenstown; 2 & res, Mr C Yates’ Saville Row; 3, Mrs S Andrews State Occasion. sml 1, Mrs C Blaskey’s Blue Chip To Be Sure; 2, Miss P Allpress’ Wolvers Storyteller; 3, Miss D Burgin’s Haddon Hurricane. nov hack 1, Mrs C Bardo’s Shahzan House; 2, Miss J Watts’ Diamond Song; 3, Mrs l Lawry’s State Of Play. HOYS hack, sml 1 & ch, Mrs S Church’s Catwalk Little Star; 2, Miss K Dove’s Golden Gunner; 3, Miss F Leats’ Cat-Astrophic. lge 1 & res, Miss L Millman & Mr M Stewart’s Ruby Tuesday; 2, Miss D Baccus’ Amezola; 3, Mrs C Mackness’ Almost Illegal. HOYS SHP 122cm 1 & res, J Gallimore’s Harwel Simasola; 2, Team Hollings Maestir Leprachaun; 3, K Gillott’s Bunbury Pinocchio. 133cm 1, Mrs J Harvey’s Yealand Breeze; 2, G Holder’s Langage Spring Bubble; 3, Carrs BMW’s Valentine Hierarchy. 143cm 1, Mrs J Hopkins’ Pebbly Silver Fox; 2 & ch, Mrs Hinchcliffe’s Roseberry Serendipity; 3, Mrs Beardmore’s Oberland Excelis. 153cm 1, Mrs A Jarrom’s Cherrington Spotlight; 2, R Timson’s Supernatural; 3, Dr B Giles’ Towan Barnaby Rudge. Area 15A ch Harwel Simasola; res, Classic Crusader. Heritage M&M lge 1, Mrs J Yeats’ Inholmes Bilberry. New Forest, Connemara 1 & res, S Cumber’s Hasledon Iaon; 2, L White’s Gregboy Dan; 3, Mrs S Kivlochan’s Braemar Be Lucky. Welsh sec B/C 1 & ch, C Royce’s Eyarth Apollo; 2, H Cook’s Khan James; 3, Mrs C Murray’s Tygubor Owain. sml 1, Miss C Phillips’ Wilcrick Bobby Dazzler; 2, K Gillot’s Uppacott D’Yquem; 3, J Suffling & G Faraday’s Briars Amachelli. Area 15A ch Khan James; res, Tygubor Owain. LR 1 & res, Mrs A Fowler’s Drum Pearl; 2, Mr J Osbourne’s Cui Eleanor. FR 1 & ch, A Harrison’s Foxtrot Gemma; 2, Wilcrick Bobby Dazzler; 3, J Ward’s Barkway Caramelle. Area 15A mini ch Foxtrot Gemma; res Cui Elenor. WHP 153cm 1, Dr J Green’s Highland Harry; 2, Mrs M Dent’s Pebbly Platinum. 143cm 1, Mrs J Collins’ Castleview Lad; 2, S Andrews’ Midnight Belle; 3, Mrs Blake’s The Banjo. 133cm 1 & res, S Pickering’s Hurstmead Larch; 2, Mrs C Bower’s Zelston Bellquest; 3, E Crew’s Pugaroo. working cob 1, K Ledger’s Howzat; 2, Mrs J Lowe’s The Honky Tonk Man; 3, T Fitzsimons’ O’Reilly. HOYS int WH 1 & ch, Mrs S Gault’s Mallika’s Jazzman; 2, D O’Halloran’s The Navigator; 3, B Vaughan’s Park Lane V. NS 1, Mrs R Nott’s Bracon Moon Blossom; 2, Mrs C Bower’s Zelston Bellquest; 3, Mrs E Crew’s Pebbly Dungaree. CS 1 & ch, A Harrison’s Twinkle Toes; 2, res & Area 15A ch, Mrs M Dent’s Pennbrook Tara; 3, J Hawkins’ Bureside Quake. Heritage M&M WHP 122cm 1 & res Mrs Suffling & Mr Faraday’s Briars Amaretto; 2, Miss L Hillyard’s Brookhall Ann Marie. 138cm 1 & ch, C Dicker’s Brimstone The Prospector; 2, Mr D Parker Townend Corin. exc 138cm 1, Mrs B Beavon’s Gray’s Inn; 2, L White’s Gregboy Dan. Pretty Polly SHP 1, Mrs E Crew’sTercott Sunshine; 2, Mrs J Corcoran’s Ludlow Walk; 3, Mrs K Austin’s Justin TimeIII. do SP 1 & Area 15A ch, Mrs S Kivlochan’s Roseview Limited Edition; Mrs Atkinson’s Chinook Matador; 3, Mrs S Eaton’s Espoir Lone Star. do LR 1, J Way’s Powys (Aus) Baby Doll; 2, Mrs S Kivlochan’s Haighend Dreams Royale; 3, Mrs A Withey’s Mountain Gwynol. FR 1, K Gillott’s Bunbury Pinocchio; 2, K Gillott’s Nantcol Lady Penelope; 3, S Johnson’s Aintoinettes Little Toff. nov SP 1, V Windsor-Phillips’ Deahills Squirrel Nutkin; 2, K Pitt’s Caycoose First Edition; 3, Mrs L Miller’s Courtland (JP) Fair Spirit. Cherif 148cm 1, Mrs Jago & Carvosso’s Rotherwood Pretentious; 2, Mre E Bonham’s Falconhurst Park Penny Royal; 3, M Springett’s Roseview Juliet. exc 148cm 1, Mrs J Thomas’ Holltess Victoria Falls; 2, Miss J Watts Marshbrook Masterpiece; 3, Dr B Giles Towan Barney Rudge. RIHS BSPA 153cm 1 & ch, Mrs J Stapleton’s Millpond Look I’m Here; 2, V Windsor-Phillips’ Millpond Look At Me; 3, G Holder’s Pontadowe Tinkabelle. exc 153cm 1 & res, Baileys Horse Feeds The Ascoteer; 2, C Weston’s Attitude; 3, M Rowsen Chaseford Dylan. nov SHP 1, Mrs J Harvey’s Yealand Breeze; 2, Mrs C Mackness’ Hollowmarsh Just William; 3, P Clarke’s Wychenlea Act Of Honour. tiny tots FR 1, J Hawkins’ Charn Secret Story; 2, K Gillott’s Nantcol Lady Penelope; 3, D Swain’s Seasons Honour. LR of SHT 1, Mrs A Withey’s Rudry Lucky Sovreign; 2, J Way’s Billy Whizz III Mr T Carpenter’s Pontadowe Tinkerbelle. 1st pony do 1, J Hawkins Bureside Quake; 2, N Goodby’s Addington Lucky Charm; 3, S Jonnson’s Billy Whizz III. Area 15A tiny tots ch Seasons Honour; res, Pontadowe Tinkerbelle. Area 15A sup Harwell Simasola; res, Seasons Honour.

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