Malvern Highland, 4 August

  • MALVERN HIGHLAND Three Counties Showground, 4 August

    in-hand (J Dykes) Baileys Horse Feeds geld 1, H Best’s Balleroy Mercury; 2, L Clucas’ Cameron Of Sunnyneuk; 3, S Thompson’s Spitchwick Sea Jasper. mare 1, S Morel’s Nashend Dalwhinnie; 2, K Newton’s Lauren Of Langley; 3, S Carr-Bains’ Fera Of Glenmarkie. stallion 1, l Reid’s Eros Of Achnacarry; 2, S Roberts & J Fairclough’s Odhran Of Langley; 3, N Page’s Moss-side Hamish Mhor. mare/geld 1, S Rees’ Moss-side Murdho. yeld mare not entered in ridden class 1, res performance & sup, S & G Cowell’s Islay May Of Forglen; 2, M & L Impey’s Oak Croft Elishder; 3, T Cadwells’ Osmonds Lady Fiona. b’mare 1 & res sup, A Payne’s Eilidh Bhan Of Castle Green; 2, W Bridges’ Holmedown Cascade; 3, N Hoad’s Salcroft Raithneach. foal 1, A Payne’s Suisaidh Dhubh; 2, V Norbury’s; 3, N Hoad’s Kingsmoor Freya; 1, res y’stk & res, M Sturgess’ Billesdon’s Countryman; 2, S Freer’s Ryedale Elsa; 3, W Bridges’ Holmesdown Chicargo. filly/geld. 2-y-o 1, R Robbias’ Billesdon’s The Squire; 2, H Clarke’s Clandon Floratina. y’ling colt/filly/geld 1, K Mangham’s Ellister Islay Royal Fern; 2, S Freer’s Rydale Gee; 3, A Schoenmakers’ Balleroy Razzmatazz. colt 2/3-y-o 1 & y’stk ch, D Spears & F McWilliam’s Lochlands Principal Flute; 2, C Carnegie’s Balleroy Minstrel; 3, S Walsh’s Strathleven Drunmochter. family group (J Seymour) 1, Sturgess’ Whitefield Lord Anthem ex Birchcroft Heather: 2, by Fyfedene ex Willowdene; 3, Stanfords’ Torrin Of Croila & son. ridden pair 1, N Barfield’s; 2, J Berry’s; 3, N Hoad & J Muggleton’s Kingsmoor Fraser & Brungrange Douglas. side-saddle (M Evans) 1, C & C Winser’s Strathmore Harry; 2, D Robinson’s Burnside Holly; 3, A Smith’s Ivor Of Forglen. y’stk condition & turnout (S Coutts) 1, M Sturgess’ Billesdon’s Countryman; 2, K Mangham’s Ellister Islay Royal Fern. ridden (K Dykes, B Penny) open, 143cm 1, performance & sup, V Hawkins-Smith’s Governor Of Whitefield; 2, A Smith’s Ivor Of Forglen; 3, D Barfield’s Johnsondene. exc 143cm 1 & res, Atherdens’ Stirlingdene; 2, G McMurray’s Trailtrow Tarf; 3, Hirds’ Brungrange Steffanie. nov 143cm 1, B Smith’s Harray Of Forglen; 2, G Duncan’s Brungrange Toby; 3, K Newton’s Lauren Of Langley. exc 143cm 1 & ch, P Davis’ Imogen Of Carlung; 2, M Dando’s Iona Of Kewstoke; 3, G Hutchins’ Strathleven Donal. NS nov 4-y-o 1, Imogen Of Carlung; 2, G Rees’ Moss-side Murdo; 3, E Bremner’s Nashend Kite. 5-y-o & over 1 & res, J Muggleton’s Nashend Harris; 2, L Jolly’s Dellfarm Laddie; 3, I Lucas’ Cameron of Sunnyneuk. WHP (B Halls), nov1, E Crate’s Fingal Of Strathavon; 2, G McMurray’s Trailtrow Tarskavaig; 3, S Baskerville’s Lambrigg Dominie. open 1, L Jolly’s Dellfarm Laddie; 2, A Smith’s Ivor Of Forglen; 3, D Barfield’s Johnsondene. NS nov 1, P Harvey’s Oak Croft Struan; 2, K Newton’s Lauren Of Langley; 3, H Baylis’ Islay O’ The Glens. style & performance 1, E Launder’s Rozamie Arron; 2, unlisted; 3, Trailtrow Tarskavaig. best turned-out in-hand (G Stanford) 1, A Storey’s Millgrove Juniper. ridden 1, J Prichard’s Lornty Glen Scarba; 2, K Hardington’s Rest & Be Thankful Katriona; 3, C Lewis’ Marilladene. ridden ponies riders over 40yrs (G Stanford) 1, J Berry’s Bluebell Of Combebank; 2, D Robinson’s Burnside Holly; 3, S Fleetwood’s Mistletoe Of Combebank. veteran in-hand 15-y-o & over 1, V Norbury’s Nashend Wren; 2, N Hoad’s Kingsmoor Fraser. ridden 1, Kingsmoor Fraser; 2, Johnsondene. 3, J Prichard’s Lornty Glen Scarba. nov ridden rest 1, F Thompson’s Whisper Of Caenlochan; 2, J Jeff’s Claymore Arthur; 3, P Harvey’s Oak Croft Struan. jnr handler (M Evans) under 13 1, M Dando’s Iona Of Kewstoke; 2, A Storey’s Brungrange Dougal; 3, L Briant’s Harrisdene. 13-16-y-o 1, E Crate’s Fingal Of Strathavon; 2, F Thompson’s Whisper Of Caenlochan. 16-18-y-o 1, Rest & Be Thankful Katriona; 2, J Forrest’s Ryedale Dinkie; 3, S Lloyd-Rowles’ Jess O’The Glens. 12-y-o & under (S Shearman) 1, L Briant’s Harrisdene. 13-15-y-o 1, Fingal Of Strathavon; 2, Kingsmoor Fraser. 16-18-y-o 1, S Flynn’s Dunedin May Rose; 2, Lornty Glen Scarba; 3, Jess O’ The Glens. part-bred in-hand (S Shearman) 1, J Jeff’s Winnal Dungamblin. ridden 1, Winnal Dungamblin.

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