Licolnshire Spring Show 15 May ’04

  • LINCOLSHIRE SPRING (BSPS AREA 4B Newark Showground, Winthorpe, Newark, 15 May

    Heritage M&M WHP (M Sharpley) ns 1, K Murray’s Morwyn Bronze Olympian; 2, Mrs Manning’s Hadsham Hickory; 3, P Watson’s Bockmer Tarquin. open mxd ht 1, K Murray’s Morwyn Bronze Olympian; 2, Mrs Gooding’s Telynau Congressman; 3, Mrs Dixon’s Stockham Stonechat. BSPS WHP (S Donger, P Aldred) cs 1 & ch, D Brown’s Guiness Pure Genius; 2&res, Z Woolley’s My Little Nutmeg; 3, Mrs Woodhead’s Oscar Wilde. do ns 1, L Kelly’s Bracon Moon Blossom; 2, Mrs Arden’s Yealand Roller Coaster; 3, Mrs K Fowler’s Georgian Dictator. do adv ns 1, Mrs Cooper’s Flying Colours; 2, Mrs Martell-Brownlow’s Northlight Solero; 3, L Kelly’s Chance In A Million. RIHS WHP int 1, Y Dixon’s Pebbly Tuff Stuff; 2&res, R Buckland’s Obelix VI; 3, W Oliver’s Mallika’s Jazzman. do 153cm 1, Mrs S Berry’s Private Dancer; 2, Mrs Hirst’s Kenilwood Nikolai; 3, Miss Canter’s Galley Hill. do 143cm 1, Y Dixon’s John’s Choice; 2, K Farrar-Fry’s Parcside Harper; 3, Mrs T O’Connor’s Ashill William. do 133cm 1 & ch, Stockham Stonechat; 2, A Bebbington’s Rushmoor Sunrise; 3, Mrs MC McCullagh’s Little Storm. BSPS SP (D Machin) mxd ht nov 1, Mrs Cornforth’s Sudden Imprint; 2, Mrs Heaton’s Deards Blue Print; 3, Miss Fry-Locker’s Strinesdale Scenario. do 128cm 1, G Brown & I Brunt’s Star Jewel II; 2, Mrs Day’s Fenbourne Moonwind; 3, Mr Pickles’ Crabfield Rhapsody Owl. do 138cm 1 & ch, Mrs Genders’ Sudden Truprint; 2&res, L Goodyear’s Chaseside Contradiction; 3, Mrs C Murray’s Devine Lyric. do 148cm 1, Rosettes Direct’s Moorbank Fabian; 2, Mrs Bearder’s Longriver Black Orchid; 3, K Fawcett’s Myella. do first yr FR 1, Mrs Rocks’ Talgoed Honey Blossom; 2, Mrs Hume’s Nantcol Lady Penelope; 3, P Starkie’s Abba Royal Comet. do LR 1 & ch&res sup, L Curbishley’s Rhydliadd Princess of Heart; 2&res, Mrs G Collins’ Haighend Glayva; 3, M Russell’s Senagate Angelica. do FR 1, P Starkie’s Abba Royal Comet; 2, Mrs Spencer’s Cosford Perella; 3, Mesbames Brown & Massarella’s Rillaton Right Royal. RIHS Int SRT sml 1, Mrs Minchin’s Courtland Blue Peter; 2, K Chambers’ Yealand Quixotic; 3, S Iddles’ Rosebreeze Moon River. do lge 1 & ch, Miss Bell-Heather’s Georgies Christmas Diva; 2, Mrs J Williamson’s Fernhill Park; 3, Mrs Twitchett’s Comberton Cavendish. BSPS Heritage M&M (Mr M Sharpley) LR 1, Mrs Collins’ Waitwith Joleo; 2, S Flavell’s Farchynys Prionyn; 3, Mrs McGhee’s Crossway’s Penny Black. do FR 1, Mrs Spencer’s Bengad Sloe; 2, J James’ Bengad Comfrey; 3, T Measures’ Talachddu Celebrity Son. do open mxd brds 1, Mrs P Daniels’ Honisa Brenin Copr; 2, C Sadler’s Gellihaf Heulfryn; 3, S Darley’s Willoway Samson. BSP SHP (Lady Nelson of Stafford) mxd ht nov 1, Mrs Nicklin’s Glengoole Boy; 2, Mrs Rosenbloom’s Yealand Vain Glory; 3, Mrs N Gill’s Helsington Militia. RIHS SHP 153cm 1 & res, Mr Brown’s Towan Nicholas Nickleby; 2, Mrs R Bosworth’s Blue Night; 3, Miss L Pass’ Sea Otter. do 143cm 1, Mrs Crosbie-Starling’s Stainswick First Occasion; 2, Mrs R Bosworth’s Jarik Prince Charming; 3, Yealan Vain Glory. do 133cm 1, K Neachell’s Mighty Fly; 2, L Goodyear’s Highmead Politician; 3, K Farrar-Fry’s Valepark Holiday. do 122cm 1, K Hirst’s Colby Starglow; 2, S Cornforth’s Meadowlands Sunkissed; 3, J Brigwood’s Plush Heiress. do LR 1, Mrs Rocks’ Melissa’s Rosie; 2, C Spencer’s Roseisle Justins Honour; 3, Mr & Mrs Emmerson’s Millay Fuzzle. do int 1 & res, Mrs Abel’s Escapado; 2, M Warman’s Breakdance; 3, SP Weaver’s Longlands Vitality. Cob (N Hollings) nov 1, K Hardy’s Tommy Tucker; 2, K Massey’s Gulliver; 3, Mr & Mrs Platt’s Charlee. RIHS Cob lwt 1 & ch, Mrs McKenzie’s Highlander; 2, Tommy Tucker; 3, Miss Simmonite’s Mulberry. do hwt 1 & res, S McKenzie’s Macmillan; 2, J McTiffin’s His Nibs II; 3, H Erner’s Macateer. RH (Miss Whitehall, Mrs Hooley) nov 1, Mr & Mrs Wilkinson’s Bronte V; 2, C Farnaby’s Valepark Olympian; 3, Mrs Clark’s Maguire Esq. RIHS RH sml 1 & ch, S le Couteur’s Just Showman; 2&res, J Brook’s Taliesyn Talisman; 3, Mrs Tomlinson’s Secret Find. do lge 1, A Higit’s Uplands Royal Tiger; 2, K Moulds’ Last Tango; 3, E Wright’s After Valentine. hack nov 1, S Carey’s Secret Thoughts; 2, J Plummer’s Party Time; 3, N Hall’s Take Silk. RIHS hack sml 1 & res, R Blissitt’s Lord of the Dance; 2, N Woods’ Rotherwood Victor; 3, F Oldring’s Liberté Bean. do lge 1 & ch & sup, Lady Benton-Jones’ Daldorn State Melody; 2, Secret Thoughts; 3, Party Spirit.

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