Herts County showing results

  • HERTS COUNTY Redbourn, Herts, 25-26 May

    ridden hunter (Mrs J Jefferson) ladies’ 1, G Mather’s Sledwich Harvest Mouse; 2, E Trembath’s Guardsman; 3, L Szutowicz’s Village Player. small 1, Mr & Mrs D Curtis’ Red Alert; 2, P Kay’s Will Scarlett; 3, N Callaghan’s Young Oliver. novice (Mrs J Jefferson, C McGrann) 1, B Ewing’s Renkum Le Tour; 2, E Place’s Urishay; 3, E Izzard’sLodewijk. l’wt 1, J Armstrong-Small’s Snap Judgement; 2, L Szutowicz’s Village Tyger; 3, A| Sherriff’s Oakford Pippin. m’wt 1 & res, E Trembath’s Guardsman; 2, Lady Wills & Countess Clanwilliam’s Litchfield Derymor. h’wt 1 & ch, Sledwich Harvest Mouse; 2, Lady Wills’ Litchfield Rowallan; 3, J Tanner’s Hermes. working 1 & ch, L Bell’s James Brown; 2, J Armstrong Small’s Zin Zan; 3, L Bell’s Cruise Control. h’wt 1 & res, J Cooper’s William; 2, L Bell’s Notting Hill; 3, L Bell’s Out Of Sight. in-hand hunter (Mrs J MacInnes) y’ling 1, G Smith’s Fritz Edward; 2, A Brain’s Fritz Alika; 3, H Kitchener’s Mud Max. 2-y-o 1 & ch, S Mills’ Pencader Miss Ramexico; 2, D Wilkins’ Bayard Mystere. 3-y-o 1 & res, N Brown’s Sunset Trend; 2, Mr & Mrs E Merrick’s Raunds Hollywood; 3, S Mynard’s Lucky Playmate. hack (Mrs LKillingbeck) small 1 & res, V Russell-Wood’s Stage Whisper; 2, V Jasinski’s Morning Regalia; 3, C & G Alfonso’s Amazons Heiress. lge 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs J Keen’s Marquis Of Queensbury; 2, I Houghton’s Naomi Van De Corijon; 3, Mr & Mrs B Williams’ Saran Wild Rose. cob (Mrs D Williams, Mrs L Killingbeck) l’wt 1, Dr S Edmonds’ Donald; 2, J Tanner’s Mister Sixpence; 3, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Callisto. h’wt 1 & ch, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Polaris;2 & res, Lady C Tyrell’s Trunk Call; 3, WE Gilbey & P Stacy’s Mannanan Orinoco. coloured in-hand (Mrs W King) under 153cm 1, V Williams’ Pure Genius; 2, R Ockleford’s Autumn Rose; 3, P Grenfell’s Stepping Stone Carnival. over 153cm 1, S Brownstone’s Ziegfeld; 2, C Buckingham’s Misty Magpie;3, K Smyth’s Jazzwan. ridden, under 153cm 1 & res, Autumn Rose; 2, A Cunningham’s Soulbury Otter’s Jetstream; 3, S Wheeler’s Mystery Puzzle. over 153cm 1 & ch, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Triangulum; 2, S Lawrence’s Eirens Clover; 3, Misty Magpie. private driving (J Harvey) over 138cm 1 & ch, D Allen’s Ross & King; 2 & res, J Chicken’s Stapleford Navahoe; 3, S King & W Lunn’s Oliver Two Jens. under 138cm 1, J Manning’s Gunthwaite Tailrace; 2, Mr & Mrs M Edmunds’ Synog Guard; 3, Hon P Bick’s Grangefields Morgan. ridden Arab (Mrs A Hooley, Mrs R King) Anglo/part-bred 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs M Carr’s Dancing Tobias; 2 & res, H WhiteleyJohn’s Midday Phlight; 3, I Houghton;s Naomi Van De Corijon. pure-bred 1, D Ash’s Jammilah; 2, T Aggad’s Nimb; 3, C Pope’s Al Kamir. riding horse, small 1 & ch, J Stewart’s Smallfry; 2 & res, Midday Phlight; 3, N Sayward’s Julietta. lge 1, Mr & Mrs D Curtis’Henrys Casino; 2, P Ireland’s Dolphin Aristocrat; 3, L Szutowicz’s Pastime. show pony (Mrs C Whiteway) 128cm 1 & res, B Barr’s Stanley Grange Rhapsody; 2, L Hilllyard’s Deanhills Heaven Sent; 3, L Hillyard’s Courtland Pussy Willow. 138cm 1, Team Jago’s Ninfield Withering Heights; 2, L Hillyard’s Rendene Lucky Charm; 3, B Barr’s Radway Flashdance. 148cm 1 & ch, team Jago’s Rotherwood Flight Of Fancy; 2, J Lister’s Llanarth Copycat; 3, W Edgar’s Kingsford Diana. first ridden 1, B Skeet’s Devon Raindance; 2, M Cornell’s Barkway Bluebell; 3, J Morris’ Glengarth Magic Moments. lead-rein 1, L Hillyard’s Barkway Happy Returns. M&M in-hand (Mrs J Etheridge) sec C, y’stock 1 & res, Mr & Mrs T Brown’s Willowmead Recall; 2, L Wilkinson’s Blaencila Actress; 3, D Wolod’s Crosfield Glory. 4-y-o & over 1, ch & res M&M ch, T Newman’s Starcrest Sovereign; 2, L Robinson’s Parc Harry; 3, Mr & Mrs J Kirk’s Synod Rosie O’Neill. sec D, y’stk 1, Saith Stud’s Glantraith Cindy; 2, R Hunt’s Penn Allegra; 3, L Wilkinson’s Menai Canderel. 4-y-o & over 1, D Murray’s Rectory Tegan; 2, Saith Stud’s Saith Magical Dream; 3, J Kane’s Sujesal Celynnen. sec A, y’stk 1, W Merryman’s Staines Maestro; 2, D Baldwin & D Ribbons’ Denrib Water Lily; 3, L Birchenough’s Tallares Birthday Boy. 4-y-o & over 1, Glanhayl Stud’s Hanling Galaxy; 2, P Stokes’ Cefnfedw Elin; 3, Mr & Mrs J Hariss’ Randan Brodric. sec B, y’stk 1, B Banham’s Salthill Arabella; 2, G Sells’ Priestwood Sequin; 3, A Bazigent’s Cadlanvalley Romeo. 4-y-o & over 1, P Ryan’s Rrivemist Lady Of The Dance; 2, D Turner’s Thistledown Samba; 3, Glanhayl Stud’s Bushmere Lammtarra. non-Welsh (Mrs J Seymour,Mrs N Brown) lge breeds, y’stk 1, K Dawson’s Severnvale Bruce. 4-y-o & over 1, P Perkins’ Meeceside Beamish; 2, L Shoults’ Oakcroft Talisker; 3, J Honess & G Powell’s Rosemere Hannah. Connemara/New Forest, y’stk 1, M Dell’s CocasPretty In Pink; 2, S Everest’s Everkerry Easter Maise. 4-y-o & over 1, R Daniels’ Merrie Miss Marple; 2, A Uhlmann’s Black Jack; 3, D Godfrey’s Ashurst Dancing Boy. Dartmoor/Exmoor, y’stk 1, E Barker’s Threeshires Brigadier; 2, F Smart’s Denholme Eternal Flame; 3, M Burnett’s Stowbrook Wizard. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, J Hull’s Appleacre Scallywag; 2, J Hull’s Gramblin Mississippi Mud Pie; 3, E Prosser’s Avarel Anghared. Shetland, y’stk 1, G Davy’s Abbotsbury Yasmin; 2,S Cross’ Eiger Cherry. 4-y-o & over 1, S Lovell’s Westpark Lady Eva; 2, C Gulliver’s Paladin Of Fairwood; 3, G Head’s Coppice Brigadier. miniature, y’stk 1, U Wady’s Balmedie Flora; 2, C Boyle’s Laugherne Smurf; 3, C Robins’ Petra Of Clapham. 4-y-o & over 1, U Wady’s Tawna Cousin Jack; 2, U Wady’s Bainden Primrose; 3, C Robins’ Clapham Chocolate Chip. ridden M&M (Mrs J Oliver) lge breeds 1 & ch, M Bryant’s Willoway Richard; 2, L Waite’s Karnath Lysander; 3, J Beatty’s Watling Samswyn. New Forest/Connemara 1, J Armstrong-Small’s Hungry Hall Penny Come Quick; 2, M Dunham’s Cocum Dimity; 3, J Gardner’s Hearnesbrook Bellini. sec B/C 1 & res, L Birchenough’s Eyarth Ariel; 2, J Armstrong Small’s Greenlinks Mr Snodgrass; 3, G Rees-Agnews’ Tireve Trotting Jack. small breeds 1, N McArdle’s Ethellamars Avatar; 2, G Head’s Coppice Bono; 3, S Everest’s Wynhill Seamus.

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