Heathfield, 28 May

  • HEATHFIELD Broad Oak, 28 May

    lwt hunter 1, T Clout’s Master Concept; 2, c Cash-Reed’s Carouso. mwt 1&ch, Wheel’s Woodhouse Demo; 2, Bailey’s Horse Feeds’ Kings Castle; 3, Z Warren’s Randalls Town. hwt 1, D Daniels’ Cross My Heart; 2, Bailey’s Horse Feeds’ Castleman; 3, N Carpenter’s Pencader Spot On. sml1 & res, K Thompson’s Just Ben II. hwt wh 1, C Belton’s Beltons Papillion Noir; 2, Z Warren’s McCoy V. lwt 1&ch, D Wildish’s Pino; 2&res, A Blake Dyke’s Colblake Charlie Girl. local 1, S Boxall’s Parklands Phoenix; 2, A Blake Dyke’s Colblake Charlie Girl; 3, L Young’s Ima Diamond. cob lwt 1, Bartolomy’s Benetton ; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Phoenix; 3, Knight’s Howzat. cob hwt 1 & ch, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Lynx; 2&res, Bartolomy’s Glantara Shadow Play; 3, Bartolomy’s Marble Arch. Ss con d’eleg 1, Samantha Boxall’s Parkland Scenic. SS equit 1, Parkland Scenic. sm rh 1&ch, Massey Group’s Intuition. lg rh 1 & res, C Lockyer’s Drama Queen; 2, A Lance & Hickstead Feeds’s Merlin; 3, E Curtis’ Double Chance. BSPS lr 1, V Nunn’s Trowswell Saint Etienne. mixed SP not ex 148 cm 1, J Salter’s Breglen Masquerade; 2, J Farrell’s Stanley Grange Morello; 3, A Marfleet’s Murrun Park Phantom. SHP not ex 133 cm 1&ch, S Powel’s Sannan Honey Buzzard; 2, J Mackay’s Thistledown Royal Cadet; 3, D Hayman’s Fawsley Royal Entrepreneur. SHP ex 133cm – 153cm 1, S Powell’s Odins Perfection; 2, K Sheldrick’s Comberton Crusader; 3, T Salter’s Pumlon Loveheart. pot sports horse y’ling 1, J Townshend’s Moving Story; 2, C Hardstone’s Brooksreef Sensation. 2y-o 1&ch, G Drury’s Miss Two B’s; 2, J Townshend’s Classic Top Birdie; 3, K Dodimead’s Formidable Opposition. 3 y-o 1&res, E Mewitt’s Ferry Lane; 2, B Smith’s Lucia II; 3, E Richardson’s Aleeta de Frely. M&M whp.122 1&res, A Evans’ Blackmountain Jasmin; 2,J Somerset’s Dolau Nia; 3, K Meekins’ Wolverton Winnie the Pooh. 138 1&ch, Thistledown Royal Cadet; 2, J Somerset’s Tyan Tullamore; 3, R Turner’s Restar Gaylad. ex 138 1, F Pearce- Thomas’s Tardebigge Royal Magic; 2, A Remmen’s Finnes; 3, D Stevens’ Howen Peter Pumpkin. M&M in-h. Fell 1, C O’Donnell’s Underwoods miranda; 2, C Ross-Thompson’s Dalewin Slash; 3, C Sutton’s Tebay Silver Cloud. Exmoor 1, Warren’s Elsnor Axl Rose; 2, R Terry & P Schmidt’s Thameside Hickory; 2, M Tratt’s Blackthorn Sea Perch; 3, Russell’s Sweetcombe Sunset. Dales 1, W Stuart’s Westwick Black Prince; 2, S Pearson’s Faradale DmCoy; 3, AReeves’s Aysgarth Rebecca. H’land 1, D Steains’s Brownbread Tabitha; 2, Russell’s Lixi of Whitefield; 3, Lochmore Stud’s Carse MacRobert. Connemara 1, Burt & Kelly’s Walstead Amyrillis; 2, E Westgate’s Bearwood Tia Maria; 3, A Swait’s Biddycooks Apollo. D’moor 1/2/3y-o 1, S Nugent’s Uppacott Crystal; 2, Thornely-Taylor’s Trewogan’s Glamour Girl; 3, J Shairp’s Oakwood Grange Psalm. D’moor 4 y-o+ 1, L Smith’s Dunmere Billy Green; 2, H Waters’ Dunnabridge Primrose; 3, J Shairp’s Hisley Princess. sec A 1/2/3 y-o 1, S Hird’s Waxwing Milk Tray; 2, S&J Rand’s Duranti Maybe Magic; 3, S Andrews’s Blisland Whisper. sec A 4 y-o + 1, Deacon’s Lapstone Ulysses ; 2, S Rand’s Duranti Marksman; 3, F Harding’s Blisland Killian. sec B 1/2/3 y-o 1, S Hird’s Northlight Georgio ; 2, C Ellison’s Bobbin Jarman ; 3, E Cornford’s Telynau Leo. sec B 4y-o+ 1, J Seargeant’s Wharley Sandstorm; 2, Burkin’s Elvet Amethyst; 3, V Link’s Milford Flamingo. sec C 1, James’s Fairbourne Masterpiece; 2, F Johnson’s Twyford Elite; 3, Hobden’s Maenan Rivendel. sec D 1, A Thomas’s Navestock Welsh Flyer; 2, J & S Hobden’s Gwair Megan; 3,V Elliott’s Lasgrug Bronze boy. Shet 4 y-o + 1 J & S Hobden’s Kirkside Mortimer; 2, P Price’s Maid Marion of Quimper; 3, Top Rock Bumpie. 1/2/3 y-o 1, K Spillett’s Avomlie Black Bandit; 2, L Buchanan-Jackson’s Chironsland Lu-lu McPherson; 3, L Mayes’s Helawi May Blossom. mini Shet 4 y-o 1, R Jones’ Kerswell Morello; 2, K Whitmee’s Cranford Nereus ; 3, A Page’s Kerswell Raven. 1/2/3 y-o 1, U Wady’s Balmedie Alfred; 2, Jones’s Buxted Beaujolais; 3, M Sansom’s Cranford Emperpor. young handler 1, S Barbour’s Covedale Mystique; 2, H McCall’s Highfield Millenium Star; 3, Tyan Tullamore. M&M lr 1, T Davidson’s Lacy Targed; 2, C Hawker’s Standen Lucas; 3, V Nunn’s Georgina Bluelight. M&M fr 1, D Burchell’s Littwern Luke; 2, S Davidson’s Lincre Sunset. M&M ridden small 1&ch, Littwern Luke; 2, Hobden’s Waxwing Xcess. large 1&res, Harries’s Hayselden Xenia; 2, V Link’s Dorridge Nobleman; 3, Restar Gaylad. CHAPS 1/2/3 y-o 1, J Clutton’s Hickory Dicory; 2, J & S Hobden’s Frosthill Jackaroo; 3, C Hardstone’s Brooksreef Sensation. native in hand 1, E Leary’s Maybe Maisie; 2, C Webb’s Mishka Emma Khaun; 3, A Welford’s Farwinds Redhot. non native ridden 1, C West’s Chantilly Crousel; 2, A Lance & Hickstead Feeds’s Master Mickey Finn. native ridden 1, J Cook’s Jack Spratt; 2, Maybe Maisie; 3, A Thompson’s Tuxedo. rid Arab 1, JM Bishop’s Muzahla; 2, E White’s Michelangelo Merisi. Anglo Arab P/B rid 1, T Heaver’s Alpha Centauri. pure bred Arab in-hand 1 & ch, Muzahla; 2, Michelangelo Merisi; 3, L Payne’s True Shanto. Anglo/pb Arab in-hand 1&res, T page’s Ocean-Athina; 2, Napier-clark’s Stanwel Sundance; 3, K Carugati’s Kesra’s Image. tb in hand 1, Harries’s Safety in Numbers; 2, V Eden’s Mr Oscar; 3, A Saunders’s Dawn Leader. tb wh 1, W Phipps’s Prime course; 2, J Martin’s Swift Alliance; 3, E Buck’s Kings Rhapsody. tb rid 1& ch, E Curtis’s Double Chance; 2&res, Clutton’s Lunar Exit; 3, S Cook’s Double Take Again.

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