Drymen show enjoys strong entries and summer sun

  • Sarah Fox’s Don Dante ridden by James Aird won both the working and lightweight hunter classes this year, before going on to win the hunter championship — on a scorching Drymen showfield.
    Entries were strong and some competitors — and their horses — even went swimming in the River Endrick to cool off.
    Gayle Culross’s Smokey Mountain had a great day, winning both the riding horse and the veteran championship. Performance Arabians again took the Arab championship, but this time with the coloured horse Picasso Kossack. Mrs K Kilmurry’s Just Luki gave the family a great day, winning the Pony Club pony/Riding Club horse championship and the James Campbell of Aberfeldy memorial trophy with this supreme award going to their section this year.
    Three big working hunter pony classes were headed up by Kirsten McKay’s Stuartdene. In the coloured horse classes, M Courty’s Paradiese took the championship.

    Novice ridden m&m sml.— 1, Mrs Wilkie’s Morlich; 2, Alison Snowie’s Rosedust Smartypants; 3, Trudie Marshall’s Moorcourt Samlee Novice Ridden M&M Large 1 & Res, Elspeth McDonald’s Pilgrim’s Fantasy; 2, Misses E&P Rennie’s Willoway Carousel; 3, David McMillan’s Pennal Heart of Gold Open Ridden M&M large 1 & Ch, Janice Boyd’s Townend Aaron; 2, Misses E&P Rennie’s Lomondside Toffee; 3, E Cain’s Llandderfel Prince Edward Open Ridden M&M small 1, Alison Snowie’s Rosedust Smartypants; 2, Shona Duncan’s Pepperwell Poppet; 3, Mrs Wilkie’s Morlich In Hand M&M Large 1 & Ch, E Cain’s Llandderfel Prince Edward; 2 & Res, Janice Boyd’s Townend Aaron; 3, Miss E&P Rennie’s Willoway Carousel In Hand M&M Small 1, Carrie Scobbie’s Rosedust Grand National; 2, Meghan Haste’s Milo; 3, Mrs N Wilson’s Little Stones Mayday In Hand M&M Youngstock 1, Misses E&P Rennie’s Lomondside Troy; 2, Mr & Mrs D Rowland’s Glaishoek Moonbeam; 3, L McCorquodale’s Joebex at Last Ridden Unregistered M&M 1, J Sturrock’s ILPH Folie; 2, P Ligget’s Golden Gem; 3, H Newall’s Inverlochys Charmer In Hand Unregistered M&M 1, J Sturrock’s ILPH Folie; 2, M Duncan’s Celtic Shadow; 3, P Liddell’s Windygates Baillie Lead Rein Pony 1 & Res, T Marshall’s Moorcourt Samlee; 2, G MacKintosh’s Gartconnel Star Gazer; 3, F Longley’s Poppet Beginner’s Pony 1 & Ch, Shona Duncan’s Here’s Harvey; 2, A Findlay’s Temple Druid Galilao; 3, S Burkhill’s Obbly Onker Pony Club Pony under 14hh 1 & Ch & Sup, K Kilmurry’s Just Luki; 2, A Stewart’s Just Jake; 3, S Burkhill’s Obbly Onker Pony Club Pony over 14hh 1, Caitlin McKellar’s Jim; 2, D Fairfull’s Cerrebino; H Dixon’s Willow the Wisp Small RC Horse 1 & Res & Res Sup, Jennifer Walsh’s William; 2, Judith mcAughtrie’s Just my luck; 3, Lindsay Morrison’s Sandy Francisco Large RC Horse 1, Suzanna Parker’s Cruize; 2, M Carberry’s Midnight Magic; 3, Karen Gardiner’s Miss Impressive WHP not exc 13.2 1, Kim Gordon’s Tireve Ruby; 2, Fiona Neilson’s Glad Your Mine; 3, A Stuart’s Just Jake WHP exc 13.2 1 & Res, Mrs T Aird’s Nocona Black Elk; 2, John Kelly’s Port Wine; 3, Debby Fairfull’s Cerribino M&M WHP 1 & Ch, Kirsten McKay’s Stuartdene; 2, Kim Gordon’s Tireve Ruby; 3, Fiona Neilson’s Colne Firefly CHAPS Non-native in hand 1 & Ch, M Courty’s Paradiese D; 2, Nicola McArthur’s Lady IV; Tracy Snaddon’s Jameson CHAPS Native/cob/trad in hand 1, Jo Smith’s Lady in Red; 2, R Morton’s Jack IV; 3, Mrs L Ferry’s Maxamillion CHAPS Youngstock 1 & Res, R Skelton’s Co Pilot; 2, M Dean’s Thorniedean Hour Glass; 3, Performance Arabians’ Picasso Kossack CHAPS Non-native ridden 1, F Maitland’s Kinnity Cracker Jack; 2, P Carter’s Chief; 3, Miss P Stephen’s Conundrum CHAPS Native/cob/trad ridden 1, R Morton’s Jack IV; 2, J Smith’s Lady in Red; 3, Mrs L Ferry’s Maxamillion Working Hunter 1 & Ch, S Fox’s Don Dante; 2, N McArthur’s Lady IV; 3, W Forsyth’s Sammy Small Hunter 1, H Rodgers’ Ryan; 2, Mrs P Stephen’s Conundrum; 3, M Brown’s Craigloch Fern Lightweight Hunter 1 & Ch, S Fox’s Don Dante; 2, W McGrandles’ Freedom; 3, N McArthur’s Lady IV Middle/Heavyweight Hunter 1 & Res, T Black’s Maxemicio; 2, M Montgomerie & F Ramsay’s Ottis; 3, R Brown’s Rapps Milestone Small Riding Horse 1 & Res, L Campbell’s Flocod Du Rocher; 2, S Gamble’s Behesht Tsunami; 3, Beth Hill’s Wizard Large Riding Horse 1 & Ch, G Culross’s Smokey Mountain; 2, J Dolan’s Landrick; 3, I McWilliam’s Mr Darcy Hunter in Hand 2/3 yr old 1 & Ch, J Garland’s Dark Moon; 2, C Johnston’s Kengarth Almera; 3, L McArthur’s Westmore Destiny Hunter in Hand yearling 1, Lynda Cochrane’s Brynfa Razzle Dazzle Sports Horses 1/2/3 yr old 1 & Res, L McArthur’s Westmore Destiny; 2, J Garland’s Dark Moon; 3 & Best yearling, L Cochrane’s Brynfa Razzle Dazzle Turnout Class 1, Fiona Filshie’s Hint of Gold; 2, K Kilmurry’s Just Luki; 3, M Carberry’s Midnight Magic Veteran in hand 1 & Ch, G Culross’s Smokey Mountain; 2 & Res, S Kirkwood’s Flying Colours; 3, L Allan’s Behesht Ahuramazda Dun, Palomino or Spotted in hand 1 & Ch, I Steel’s Spotacular; 2, L Morrison’s Sandy Francisco; 3, H Newalls Inverlochys Charmer Anglo, Part or Pure Bred Arab in hand 1 & Ch, Performance Arabians’ Picasso Kossack; 2, S Gamble’s Behesht Tsunami; 3, L Allan’s Behesht Ahuramazda Veteran ridden 1 & Ch, G Culross’s Smokey Mountain; 2 & Res, S Kirkwood’s Flying Colours; 3, F Filshie’s Hint of Gold Dun, Palomino or Spotted ridden 1 & Ch, I Steel’s Spotacular; 2, L Morrison’s Sandy Francisco; 3, H Newalls Inverlochys Charmer Anglo, Part or Pure Bred Arab ridden 1 & Res, Stacy Gamble’s Behesht Tsunami; 2, A Reid’s Craigweil Co Co Kabana; 3, H Newall’s Inverlochys Charmer

    Best local prizes sponsored by Lomondside Stud went to Shona Duncan’s Here’s Harvey & Pepperwell Poppet; L Allan’s Behest Bambollera; Hannah Newall’s Inverlochy’s Charmer; Mr & Mrs J Russell’s Gartconnel Class; Misses E & P Rennie with Lomondside Toffee, Willoway Carousel & Lomondside Troy; Finn Dawson’s Millie; Fiona Longley’s Poppet; K Kilmurry’s Just Luki; Jennifer Walsh’s William; Irene Steel’s Spotacular; Kay Nicholson’s Mizz; Fiona Raeside’s Bailey MKM’s Ruben; R Brown’s Rapps Milestone; L Galloway’s Dauntless Night; Kirsty Allison’s Tullochans Tyke; F Neilson’s Colne Firefly and Glad Your Mine; Hannah Goldie’s Tipperary Chester and M Carberry’s Midnight Magic

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