Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: He looked like he was about to drop a foal

  • I am sitting here frantically typing this while panicking about the whole huge list I have to get through before Thursday when we head off to Olympia.

    My list for today is endless and I don’t even think I am half way through. Jacob (pictured top at Olympia last year) is competing in the veteran showing class (Senior Showing and Dressage championship) at Olympia this Friday and he isn’t ready at all!

    This year I have been lucky enough to also qualify in the Olympia Mountain & Moorland (M&M) class on the Monday which means I have had both Windy and Jacob to keep up and running. It has been hard work! With the dark nights and dark mornings riding has not been easy, especially with two ponies who need to be kept slim.

    I have finally had to admit defeat riding before work as the torches strapped to my head just aren’t quite working any more! So I am not gong to lie when I say Olympia can’t come soon enough.

    Jacob had sadly taken a little bit of a back seat to Windy who needs to be kept very fit to perform, however this did mean two weeks ago I did have a slight breakdown when I realised how fat Jacob had become! His stomach had somehow just ballooned and instead of looking like a stallion, he looked like he was about to drop a foal.



    So for the past two weeks Jacob has had to undergo an intensive work and diet regime. This means my mum has also been riding him on the days I can’t to ensure he is getting worked. Thankfully it seems to have worked and he is looking a little slimmer. This will be Jacob’s third visit to see Santa at Olympia and I still look forward to it as much as the first. Olympia really does have a magical feel and it is so lovely to compete with my special boy. Mum and I will head up on the Thursday with Jacob after I have attempted to scrub him clean — not sure how the white socks are going to fair! And then we compete Friday morning.

    The veterans is a lovely class to compete in as every pony or horse there is amazing and each could win on the day, so it really does come down to a bit of extra luck. This year Jacob and I are competing in-hand so hopefully I am fit enough to run around that ring.

    Windy with a friend

    Windy with a friend

    After Friday we will head back with Jacob and have a one day break before going up with Windy on the Sunday afternoon. Windy had a break after qualifying for Olympia and has been back in work for around six weeks now. He has been having a great time and seems quite happy at the thought of going to see Santa. I hope he manages to stay like that on the day.

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    This will be Windy’s second trip to Olympia and I am really excited. I love going to watch the M&Ms and see the fantastic display of native pones. It is also really magical riding back into the arena in the afternoon for the presentation — it really takes your breath away. When Windy and I last competed there sadly we didn’t get very good marks from one of the ride judges so we are hoping that this year we can do a bit better and keep up our winning streak. I would love, love, love to achieve best of breed with Windy but after the year we have had as long as he goes well anything else will be the icing on the cake. And if we all get to see Santa, what better way to start the festive period?

    Now I am off to hunt for my Christmas jumper, wash mine and Jacob’s clothes and find the decorations for the stables!


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