Cheshire Premier Show 11 July ’04

  • CHESHIRE PREMIER Overton Grange Farm, Smallwood, Cheshire, 11 July

    RP (Miss K McTiffin) LR 1, L Curbishley’s Rhyddlad Princess Of Hearts; 2, H Turner’s Wynswood Jonquil; 3, M Johnson’s Pringles Ladybird. FR 1, A Moynihan’s Thornsalt Corn Poppy; 2, J Powell’s Radway Mandinka; 3, Wynswood Jonquil. 128cm 1, C Walker’s Spinningdale Araminta; 2, B Ashdown’s Thornsett Miss Muffett; 3, E Weir’s Forgeland After Eight. 138cm 1 & ch, L Minchin’s Eskside Sapphire; 2, J Findlow’s Ffofsway Chat Noir; 3, L Goodyear’s Chaseside Contradiction. 148cm 1 & res, J Minchin’s Fenwood Enchantment; 2, S Timperley’s Classic Charisma; 3, A Taylor’s Cusop Domino. nov 128cm 1 & ch, Thornsett Miss Muffett; 2, C Street’s Kilattle Making Thyme. 138cm 1, C Cochran’s Jackets Firebird; 2, S Murphy’s Hideaway San Zaccaria. 148cm 1 & res, C Henderson’s Lyndrose Cats Whiskers; 2, L Fry-Lockier’s Strinesdale Scenario. WHP (Mr P Aldred & Mrs S Nicklin) CS 1 & ch, E Barnes’s Master Rascal; 2, G Heaps’ Bengad Dutch Iris; 3, R Clarke’s Liberty. NS 1 & res, D Holberry’s Hulme Rob Roy; 2, Master Rascal; 3, J Wake’s Pebbly Fairytale. open 133cm 1 & res, G Brobyn’s Alandale Fair Cameo; 2, P Collier’s Trewith Icon Bequim; 3, A Coghlan’s Moeltryfan Melissa. 143cm 1 & ch, A Seedhouse’s Carnsdale Mighty Mouse; 2, K Wheyway’s Bronheulog Honey Bee; 3, C Fiddler’s Dani Fiddler. 153cm 1, J Schofield’s Johnny Hero; 2, C Igoe’s Brief Encounter; 3, J Greaves’s Showtime. novice 133cm 1, E Barnes’s Lord Of The Manor; 2, Moeltryfan Melissa; 3, Liberty. 143cm 1 & res, Carnsdale Mighty Mouse; 2, C Cope’s McCauley; 3, F Holton’s Pebbly Fox Cub. 153cm 1 & ch, S Allen’s Whinberry; 2, L Pateson’s Pictus Black Magic; 3, C Igoe’s Pebbly Hallmark. SHP (Mrs B Evans) open not exc 133cm 1 & ch, L Goodyear’s Highmead Politician; 2, G Morton’s Bexton Flirtation; 3, S Martin’s Fair Julian. 143cm 1 & res, L Hinton’s Highmead Evening Silhouette; 2, S Timperley’s Stanley Grange Poppette; 3, A Rosenbloom’s Yealand Vain Glory. 153cm 1, L Pass’s Sea Otter; 2, C Cope’s Va Bien. nov 122cm 1, R Hughes’s Candles Golden Nugget. 133cm 1, D Holberry’s Keyhouse Coriander; 2, G Morton’s Bexton Flirtation; 3, D McGormick’s Borderland Cello. 143cm 1, K Mitten’s Sahereca Singing Tribute; 2, Highmead Evening Silhouette; 3, B Burton’s Bonnie Mount First Edition. 153cm 1, K Manning’s Noble Diamond; 2, J Littlewood’s Golden Hornet; 3, Mr Patterson’s Pictus Black Magic. int SRT 1, D Hesford’s Pendley Bright Otter; 2, C Holderness’s Rosslayne Manhattan; 3, E Weir’s Chesapeak Ruling Passion. lge 1, R Parry’s Pro Avia Pecunia. WHP 1, P Druggan’s Carnsdale Top Gun; 2, N Cockrane’s Black Shamrock; 3, C Igoe’s Brief Encounter. SHT 1, M Abel’s Escapade; 2, L Pass’s Escada; 3, J Littlewood’s Golden Hornet. mixed ht nov SRT not exc 158cm 1, S Cottle’s Huntroyd Haute Couture; 2, G Street’s Rotherwood Bow Tie; 3, E Weir’s Chesapeake Ruling Passion. nov int WHP 1, F King’s Lord Chatterly; 2 & res, C Igoe’s Pebbly Hallmark; 3, K & A Lyons’s Noble Party Popper. nov int SHT 1 & ch, Noble Diamond; 2, Golden Hornet; 3, J Schofield’s Johnny Hero. ridden coloured (Mr S Avery & Mr C Patrick) non-native horse 1, L Patterson’s Stanhope Mulink; 2, J Whiston’s Liz’s Legacy. native pony 1, D Rose’s Double O’Heaven; 2, K Poole’s My Little Pony. do horse 1, V Yoxhall’s Touch Of Magic. non-native pony 1, D Rose’s Riverside Exchange; 2, C Hamilton’s Popstar. Heritage M&M (Mr D Lloyd-Thomas) open LR 1, J Pirie’s Pipa; 2, L Walker’s Rookery Souffle; 3, S Wood’s Colne Tara. FR 1 & ch, J Cuthbertson’s Heniarth Doris Day; 2 & res, J Findlow’s Veansan Stelise; 3, Madely & Morris’s Rotherwood Royal Gold. open small 1 & ch, F Barltrop’s Littlestones Button Moon; 2, C Walker’s Springwater Lightening; 3, P Collier’s White Willow Fanta. sec B&C 1, G Booth’s Chaceley Rufus; 2, L Ennett’s Cefn Mumble; 3, A Peace’s Morwyn Bronze Knight. lge 1 & res, M Bowley’s Penstacan Calon Lan; 2, T Myatt’s Llanfillyn Brenhinnes; 3, J Findlow’s Whitefield Lord Marche. M&M WHP 122cm 1 & ch, S Keepe’s Gwngalt Playsome; 2, P Collier’s Friars Welsh Punch; 3, G Heaps’s Bengad Dutch Iris. 138cm 1, K Wheyway’s Starcrest Melaur; 2, K Manning’s Manninard Cashel Finn; 3, L Patterson’s Nebo Jacob. exc 138cm 1 & res, J Evans’s Cwmenendraeth Magic; 2, F Heron’s Sunroyd Prince Regent; 3, Kiltealy Paddington Bear.

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