Canwell, 12 August

  • CANWELL Canwell Estate, Sutton Coldfield, 12 August

    ridden hunter (D Sanderson) 1 & res, R Holton’s Brown Montanna; 2, M Viner’s Regal Star; 3, J Owen’s Harvey. riding horse 1 & ch, M Henson’s Broadstone Darwin; 2, S Lindsey’s Prince Oberon; 3, A Chatfield’s Fielding Finesse. hunter b’mare 1 & res overall in-hand, J Edwards’ Game On; 2, S Stripp’s On Line Z. foal 1, J Edward’s Fair Game; 2, S Stripp’s Hotline Z. y’ling 1, S Cook’s Sofarsogood; 2, P Rabin’s Kalini; 3, S Cook’s Brians Filly. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, J Edward’s The Real McCoy III; 2, M Cubbitt-Smith’s Seapatrick Dark Criuse. Shire (T Bull) y’ling 1, M Hanson’s Hillmoor Priscilla; 2, S Everson’s Hayfield Razzle Dazzle. foal 1, C Dawson’s Eatcote Marigold; 2, M Hanson’s Ramsor Patience. 2-y-o 1, J Goodwin’s Leapley Phillipa; 2, M Hanson’s Ramsor Peral Grey; 3, M Milnes’ Senlim Heather May. mare/geld 1 & ch, M Hanson’s Ramsor Queen Of Hearts; 2 & res, J Goodwin’s Barwood Dana. SP (J Bettaney) open int SRT 1 & ch, N Holford’s Lucayan Melody; 2, L Revitt’s Spellsbury Super Nova; 3, A Rainbow’s Moonlyte Serenade. SHT 1 & res, M Cubbitt-Smith’s Girl Power; 2, E Wilde’s John Doe. local 1, J Thompson’s Miss Money Penny; 2, Z Morris’ Heatons Princepal Boy; 3, L Durstan’s Fairley Poppy. BSPS LR 1 & res ridden, L Lawton’s Ardenhall Baby Doll; 2, Heatons Prioncepal Boy; 3, A Field’s Snowy. FR1 & res, J Robinson’s Blithbury Be Fair; 2, Snowy. mxd ht open 1 & ch, Michaelides & Fenton’s Holtess Elixir; 2 & res, F Steven’s Brocklehurst Brambling; 3, D Hall’s Wharf Ulysses. RP breeding, b’mare 1, J Careless’ Fairley Amber; 2, J Bradbury’s Fairley Astler. foal 1 & res, J Careless’ Fairley Dresden; 2, J Bradbury’s Glanfars Amarantine. y’ling 1, D Murray’s Flecknoe Artimus; 2, H Cornes’ Brookwater Private Dancer; 3, J Wedgbury’s Sutton Park Sweet Elite. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, J Careless’ Fairley Tranquility; 2, L Nott’s Chasecroft Chocolate Drop; 3, D Murray’s Kittens Pollyanna. Arab (A Dixon) pure-bred in-hand 4-y-o & over 1, G Cheal’s Nahanni; 2, R Lee’s Zavala; 3, J Maher’s PA Selenah. Anglo/part-bred 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, G Berrisford’s Stychlands Royal Secret; 2 & res, M Clark’s Blaircourt Fleur De Nuit; 3, C Ashby’s Hannibals Pride. y’stk 1, J Wedgebury’s Ascroft Evening Surprise. ridden (K Brown) pure-bred 1 & res, C Dabb’s Ramilla; 2, Nahanni; 3, PA Selenah. Anglo/part-bred 1 & ch, Prince Oberon; 2, Spellsbury Super Nova; 3, A Goode’s Leones Harlequin. M&M (R James) sml breeds y’stk 1, B Simcox’s Rochedo Beach Bandit; 2, J Beaseley’s Leamvalley Champagne Flash; 3, Brookwater Private Dancer. do 4-y-o & over 1 & sup, E Waller’s Delami Destiny; 2, P Neal’s Brynamman Solo; 3, J Beasley’s Ruthley Wild Champagne. large y’stk 1, J Llewwllyn-James’ Abergaveny Tywysog; 2, N Hutchinson’s Caeddaniel Lady Moura; 3, J Rushton’s Frosty Cove. do 4-y-o & over1, J Crane’s Underwoods Gideon; 2, L Hadley’s Chicnoir Mystification; 3, C Crutchley’s Synod Lucky Lucy. do LR 1, C Phillip’s Wilcrick Bobby Dazzler; 2, E Saxton’s Briar Limerick; 3, J Robinson’s Tallares Dancing Queen. do ridden sml 1 & ch, Countess of Shrewsbury’s Chetwynd Caspar; 2, D Hollinshead’s Follgate Ant; 3, Michaelides & Fenton’s Langfield Nightcap. do lge 1 & res sup, J Corbett’s Abercippen Jack Flash; 2, Michaelides & Fenton’s Tyan Tudor Prince; 3, J Rumble’s Trefaes Hayleys Comet. Shetland (D Wright) y’ling 1, L Hutchinson’s Longfields Pandora. 2/3-y-o 1, L Wood’s Hose Rainbow; 2, E Saxton’s Hillcroft Daisy. mare/geld 4-y-o & over 1, Britlands’ Melland Mistral Breeze; 2, L Wood’s Hose Erica; 3, B Joyner’s Waulkmill Hesper. foal 1, B Joyner’s Soma House Whisper. miniature 4-y-o & over 1, B Twining’s Pinglewood Puzzle; 2, G Needham’s Southfieldgate Rhanna; 3, L Hutchinson’s Longfield Lotti. foal 1, G Needham’s Highedge Fudge. y’stk 1, D Smith’s Southfieldgate Camilla; 2, B Twining’s Pinglewood Lady Penelope; 3, N Hutchinson’s Longfield Peanut. coloured (R Buckley) CHAPS cob/trad 1 & ch, T Chalmers’ Domino; 2, A James’ Saracen; 3, B Twining’s Pinglewood Puzzle. non-native 1 & res, A Hayward’s Elms Amazon; 2, S Lowe’s Cool Blue Prospect; 3, S Greenway’s Finn. y’stk 1, P Rabin’s Kalini; 2, Elms Amazon; 3, S Lowe’s Black Magic. ridden native/cob/trad 1 & ch, J Wormall’s Longdon Domino; 2, Saracen; 3, N Holford’s Two-Tone Tia. non-native 1 & res, M Devereux’s Tame Spirit; 2, E Partridge’s Funtime Frankie; 3, L Glendinning’s Live For Now.

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