BSPS Area 1B Spring Show 1 May ’04

  • BSPS AREA 1B SPRING Crooklands, Cumbria, 1 May

    RIHS SP (P Aldred) 148cm 1 & ch, M Thopson’s Ellenbrook Sophistication; 2, S Schofield’s Stanley Grange Flutes; 3, Mrs Kapadia & Team Jago’s Radway All Talk. do 138cm 1 & res, Mr & Mrs T Georgakis’s Haighend Prince Charming; 2, P Sowersby’s Rotherwood Flamenco; 3, J King’s Wychways Escapade. do 128cm 1, S Schofield’s Charm Kingfisher; 2, L Fiztgerald’s Chinook Marguarite; 3, J Slight’s Bardene Colcivita. BSPS LR 1 & ch & res sup, L Edsell’s Ardenhall Bel Ami; 2 & res, K Angus’s Byrons Poetic Dream; 3, H Taylor’s Pendley encore. do FR 1, H Bosomworth’s Glengaile Shadow; 2, P Starkie’s Abba Royal Comet; 3, C Hasting’s Brabyns Buck. nov 128cm 1, J Gill’s Secret Charm; 2, J Barton’s Guywood Fanfare; 3, S Waldie’s Stanley Grange Fair Chance. do 138cm 1 & ch, E Jackson’s Kingsford Sweet Story; 2 & res, P Holling’s Sudden Truprint; 3, S Schofield’s Caterina. do 148cm 1, C Jackson’s Halvana Masterpiece; 2, N Gill’s Helsington Milita. Pretty Polly RIHS mixed SP (M Thomas) 1, J Rosebury’s Moorhall Cats Whiskers; 2, A Green’s Knowle Sprucewood; 3, V Timperley’s Classic Charisma. do LR 1, Pendley Encore; 2, P Prickett’s Parkcourt Jester; 3, Bryrons Poetic Dream. do FR 1, Mrs McBain’s Curilly Toy Soldier; 2, N Gill’s Holtress Whoops A Daisy; 3, Glengaile Shadow. do SHP 133cm 1, P Potter’s Fair Spangle; 2, KJ Farrar-Fry’s Valepark Holiday; 3, Knowle Sprucewood. do 133-153cm 1, K Lace’s Corinthian; 2, SP Keepe’s Dartans Red Robin; 3, Mesdames Thompson & Aspinall’s Chiddock Foxglove. mixed nov SHP 1, J Knipe’s Hollyhill Royal Secret; 2, G Twitchett’s Comberton Cavalier; 3, Emmerson Team’s Chinook Lancier. RIHS int SHP 1, N Frank’s Magic Max; 2, Mrs Chantler’s Red Admiral II; 3, A Weaver’s Longriver Vitalaty. RIHS int SRT sml 1 & ch, Mrs Hesketh’s First Storey; 2, C Cassidy’s Olympic Rutforth Light; 3, C Waring-Collins’s Wards Place Verity. do lge 1 & res, S Neachell’s Lyndrose Bobby Dazzler; 2, K Harris’s Starlyte Pageboy; 3, N Middlemass’s Garthstone High Socoety. RIHS int WHP (Mrs Murray-Barrett & Mrs D Hesford) 1 & res, C Richardson’s Lough Crew; 2, B Butterworth’s Nannys Diamond; 3, F Rodman’s Silk Cut. Heritage M&M (CM McArdle) RIHS LR 1 & res, D Cambray’s Gwaunrill Katie; 2, P Jackson’s Treworgan Cloudburst; 3, S Beattie’s Outrigg Diva. do FR 1 & mini ch, P & J Murphy’s Springtomes Mischief; 3, Mrs Jackson’s Galwyn Legionaire; 3, M Wallace’s Blue Caps. open ridden 1 & res, Springtimes Mischief; 2, I Gawith’s Kentchurch Calamity; 3, L Brown’s Trailtrow Eaalachan. WHP open 1 & ch, J Thompson’s Carnsdale Casper; 2, R Heelis’s Foxglen Romeo; 3, L Watson’s Meath Busy Body. do novice 1, D Sayer’s Carnsdale Mystery Man; 2, Meath Busy Body; 3, M Peill’s Rumworth Moonlight. RIHS SHP (R Hargreaves) LR 1, S Cornforth’s Meadowlands Sunkissed; 2, J Scales’s Rosedale Fairy Lights; 3, P Prickett’s Lindsays Future Star. do 133cm 1, L Stevens’s Pumphill Rashika; 2, C Chorley’s Bronheulgh Charmer; 3, Mrs Thompson’s Ovington Kronos. do 143cm 1 & res, L Steven’s Colbeach Autumn Song; 2, K Allen’s Grindles Pirate Prince; 3, A Plant’s Mathemadam Pinstripe. do 153cm 1 & ch & sup, A Coster’s Marshbrook Ltd Edition; 2, S Downing’s Sapperton Inca; 3, DA Park’s Taramelyn Showtime. WHP (EB Dun) nov NS 1, S Adam’s Wedderlie Marmion. BSPS CS 1, E Barnes’s Master Rascal; 2, Curilly Toy Soldier. nov 133cm 1, Rumworth Moonlight; 2, C Jackson’s Wizard Oz Oz II; 3, Wedderlie Marmion. do 143cm 1, G Leaver’s Cappagh Crusader; 2, G Jenkinson’s Spinway Kudos; 3, D Sayer’s T’s Mix N’ Match. do 153cm 1 & ch, J Knipe’s All Fired Up; 2, B Butterworth’s Trouble At N’Mill; 3, C Hill’s Mississippi Blue. int 1 & res, C Richardson’s Comberton Carlos; 2, R Simpson’s Winneydene Bucks Fizz; 3, H Manning’s Force Of Destiny. WHP (Mrs Murray-Barrett & Mrs D Hesford) mixed open 1, J Thompson’s Huttons Ambo Gemini; 2, A Scott’s Purple Ronnie; 3, Foxglen Romeo. RIHS NS 1, G Gardner’s Kiltiname Cavalier; 2, D Sayer’s Spot The Joker; 3, E Barnes’s Lord Of The Manor. 133cm 1, Kiltiname Cavalier; 2, G Jenkinson’s Millcroft Scallyway; 3, B Butterworth’s Celtic Caprice. 143cm 1, CL Davies’s Twilight Tarragon; 2, Mrs Cooper’s Janem Rosem Cavalier; 3, CL Davies’s Ruby Reflection. do 153cm 1 & ch, R Teare’s Hollies Emperor; 2, J Fitton’s Dunmore; 3, Silk Cut.

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