BSPS Area 16, 15 April

  • BSPS Area 16 Trinity Park, Ipswich, 15 April

    M&M WHP RIHS (Mrs V Hampton, Mrs G Sabin) 122cm 1 & ch, J Barton’s Moortown Honeyman; 2, D Barr’s Waitwith Choice; 3, P Ryder & J Phillips’ Senruf Gin Fizz. 138cm 1, R Proud’s Georgian Dorian; 2, J Brown’s Lunesdale Major; 3, K Wheway’s Peasedown Mr Muddle. exc 138cm 1 & res, V Francis Felinfach Tory Boy; 2, J Lom’s Mister Smee; 3, S Goode’s Knockillaree Roebuck. M&M RIHS (Mrs C Dew) LR 1, K Carter’s Abbeybells Queen Adelaide; 2, A Smalley’s Ekins Fifer; 3 J Stapleton’s Ringesteho Yvonne. FR 1 & ch, K Gibbard’s Rosmarch Hemlock; 2 & res, G Worrow’s Pasadena Morgan; 3, D Barr’s Southerly Red Ember. sml ridden 1 & res, L Buchanan-Jackson’s Waulkmill Robin; 2, K Gibbard’s Rosmarche Hemlock; 3 A Marling’s Springbourne Camelot. sec B/C 1, C Smalley’s Wortley Pazzi; 2, S Wheway’s Peasedown Mr Muddle; 3, l Card’s Hilin Premonition. New Forest, Connemara 1, K Jerram’s Kilbride Pearl; 2, A Bates Cloonahinch Tallman; 3, J Scriven’s Kintyre Fergus. lge 1 & ch, L Cameron/D Stennett’s Whitefield Lord Mozatto; 2, A Glenn’s Aberdovey Afon Ddu; 3, K Taylor’s Homeway Anna Bell. M&M WHP (Mr A Illesley & Mrs D Smith) 122cm 1, Senruf Gin Fizz; 2, J Barton’s Moortown Honeyman; 3, Erander’s Milford Funtime. 138cm 1, J Brown’s Lunesdale Major; 2 & ch, B Agar’s Nantywern Satelitte; 3, S Greenwell’s Temple Bready Finale. exc 138cm 1 & res, G Robin’s Hendal Hallmark, 2, J Lom’s Mister Smee; 3, P Underwood’s Bonny Bobby Shaftoe. SP (Mrs J Griffin) LR 1 & ch, K Carter’s Chagford Lewis; 2, G Tavener’s Barkway Make Believe; 3 L Hillyard’s Hightopps Exquisite. FR 1 & res, N Grooby’s Addington Lucky Charm; 2, Mrs Baker-Beal’s Hollybush Libretto; 3, P Townsley’s Hightopps Magic Sprite. Pretty Polly LR 1, T Baldwin’s Cosford Veronique; 2, R Newby’s Mosstock Isabella May, 3, S Jones-Perrott’s Romany River Moonstone. FR 1, Addington Lucky Charm; 2, S Davidson’s Westfirle Miss Mittens; 3, Mrs Wiggs’ Firle Squirrel Nutkin. 148cm 1, P Cuthbert’s Seawinds Votecatcher; 2, T Wallace’s Ninfield Windsor Girl; 3, C Murray’s Broteifi Pillow Talk. PP SHP 133cm 1, G Atkinson’s Yealand Twite; 2, R Nott’s Cosford Chamelion; 3, Mrs Coulstock’s Parkhill Cantona. 133cm 1, J Hopkin’s Pebbly Silver Fox; 2, R Wright’s Catch Fantastic; 3, C Bishop’s Butlers James Bond. WHP RIHS (Mr P Hilton & Mrs S Tanner) NS 1, A Beaty’s Whatcroft Excalibur; 2, A Mcdonald-Buchanan’s Whitemere Christopher Robin; 3, A Marling’s Moonwalk. 133cm 1, C Church’s Valentine Heathcliffe; 2, A Plater’s CJ’s Tonto; 3, H Watts’ Purple Ronnie. 143cm 1 & ch, S Andrew’s McCoist Cowboy; 2 D Edmundson’s Harroway Catlin; 3, A Malins’ Gems Ballykiss Angel. 153cm 1, A Clark’s Legal Elegance; 2 & res, P Cox’s Harlequin Rose; 3, J Cooper’s Mirah Kilgobben Rebel. 158cm 1, K Murray’s Eliza Doolittle II; 2, Carrs BMW’s Monarch Of The Glen. SHP RIHS (Mrs A Cole) LR 1, S Jones-Perrott’s Mountain Gerwyn; 2, Mrs Stapleton’s Llangorfe Crickhowell; 3, S Armson’s Bardwell Peter Pan. 122cm 1 & res, K Hirst’s Colby Starglow; 2, G Taverner’s Barkway Honey Bear; 3, A Harrison’s Twinkle Toes. 133cm 1 & ch, D Martin’s Fairholme Rossettas Rapsady; 2, R Deley’s Out Of The Blue; 3, P Coulstock’s Basford Jacaranda. 143cm 1, A Daish’s Mayheath Royal Diva; 2, Cooper Corporation’s Kazzbrook Claudius; 3, P Francis’ Hillindale Sweet William. 153cm 1, P Ryder/J Phillips’ Alderney Ontario; 2, K Sheldrick’s Comberton Crusader; 3, Cooper Corporation’s Cabragh Lad. int RIHS (Mrs A Cole) SRT sml 1 & res, C Chubb’s Stanley Grange Puppeteer; 2, C Royce’s Stanley Grange Galaxy, 3, L Johnson’s Impulse III. lge 1, J Ashby/A Ravenscroft’s Paschal High Flyer; 2, P Wallis’ Rising Phoenix, 3, R Harris’s Time out. SHT 1 & ch, A Basham’s Castle Rock; 2, C Taylor’s The Irishman; 3, L Haines’ Pilgrims Confidence. Anglo/part-bred Arab RIHS (Mrs J Griffin & Miss B Cole) 148cm 1, J Harvey’s Beckside First Impressions; 2, P Cuthbert’s Seawinds Votecatcher; 3, C Murray’s Broteifi Pillow Talk. exc 148cm 1, A Graham’s Holltess Veni Vidi Vici; 2, J Ashby/A Ravenscroft’s Paschal High Flyer; 3, N Wilkes’ Stanley Grange Encore. BSPS SP (Mrs V Smith) LR 1 & ch, L Hillyard’s Hightopps Exquisite; 2, S Jones-Perrott’s Romany River Moonstone; 3, A Brand’s Kingvean Othello. FR 1 & res, A Harrison’s Barkway Sugar Mouse; 2, Hightopps Exquisite; 3, T Barnett’s Barkway Wedding March. 128cm 1, J Harvey’s Ainthorpe Curtain Call; 2, G Atkinson’s Barkway Birthday Surprise; 3, Carrs BMW’s Chaseford Charmer. 138cm 1 & res, V Wiggs’ Rhos Emilia; 2, J Harvey’s Beckside First Impression; 3, P Coulstock’s Ninfield Pure Genius. 148cm 1 & ch, J Scriven’s Small-land Dreamer; 2, L Gibson’s Touch & Go; 3, T Salter’s Braeglen Masquerade. mixed ht nov SP 1, L Hillyard’s Barkway Frivolity; 2, M Armstrong’s Rendene Jubilee Song; 3, M Clements’ Antons Crystal Rose. WHP (Miss K Payne & Mr S Somers) nov NS 1, C Thompson’s Llania Galaxy; 2, Mrs Erander’s Pick & Mix; 3, L Sykes’ Thistledown Ladiesman. CS 1 & ch, Colby Starglow; 2, A Beaty’s Cefn Charmer; 3, C Thompson’s Llanai Galaxy. NS 1 & res, Georgian Dorian; 2, K Hirst’s Northlight Solero; 3, A Marling’s Moonwalk. 133cm 1, A Beaty’s Whatcroft Excalibur; 2, P Ryder/J Phillips’ Bunbury Best Man; 3, C Church’s Valentine Heathcliffe. 143cm 1 & ch, D Edmundson’s Harroway Catkin; 2, McCoist Cowboy; 3, M Banks Browne’s Rocky B. 153cm 1 & res, P Cox’ Harlequin Rose; 2, M Banks Browne’s Ringling Galaxy Quest; 3, S Harrington’s Ballylawn Biscuit. int 1 J Jarvis’ Inniskeen Oisin; 2, I Pendred’s Jetski. novice WHP (Mrs D Smith & Mr A Illesley) 133cm 1 & res, K Bletsoe-Brown’s Limerick Lad; 2, N Hill’s Milton Bellarina; 3, CJ’s Tonto. 143cm 1, J Bingham’s Midnight Bell; 2, C Bishop’s Butlers James Bond; 3, N Hill’s Knockillaree Castle. 153cm 1 & ch, S Andrews’ O’Macca; 2, K Cole’s Marionette; 3, J Martell’s Sannanvalley Chiefton. int 1 D Bayes’ Drumadoon; 2, Inniskeen Oisin; 3, M Morley’s Puzzles Pleased As Punch. SHP (Mrs V Smith) 122cm 1, Mrs Darlington’s Wortley Celebration; 2, J Evans’ Pontadawe Tinkerbell. 133cm 1 & ch, L Edwards’ Hindleap Choir Boy; 2 & res, J Harvey’s Yealand Breeze; 3, A Martin’s Hindleap Sweet William. 143cm 1 P Francis’ Hillindale Sweet William; 2, Carrs BMW’s Rotherwood Peep Toes; 3, C Bishop’s Butlers James Bond. 153cm 1, R Wright’s Catch Fantastic; 2, J Taylor’s Royal Jacob; 3, J Coggles’ Whitehill Splash. mixed nov 1 T Salter’s Pumlon Loveheart, 2, K Stone’s State Trouper, 3, F Allsopp’s Courtland (JP) Exquisite. int 1, P Tann’s Prince Of Thieves; 2, A Basham’s Castle Rock; 3, V Tidy’s Just Trouble. M&M PUK (Mrs P Grant) LR 1, J Barton’s Greenferns Shem; 2, C Hardesty’s Cosford Chaucher; 3, K Traylor’s Cosford Bit ‘O’ Pink. FR 1 & ch, J Barton’s Greenferns Shem; 2 & res, D Banks’ Langfield Binth; 3, H Bright’s Wistmans Pericles. sml ridden 1, C Bedford’s Penbrydu Trixie Dixie; 2, C Thorpe’s Moelgarnedd Brwlwm; 3, J Cony’s Three Shires Arminda. conf nov 1, A Barter’s Gwynneparc Meredith; 2, C Smalley’s Wortley Pazzi; 3, C Thorpe’s Wellbrow Black Knight. lge 1 & ch, K Taylor’s Homeway Annabell; 2 & res, H Cook’s Khan James; 3, S Langley’s Gwynthryn Lara Croft. jnr sml 1, Moelgarwedd Brwlwm; 2, S Wotton’s Rowfantiana Prize Scamp; 3, S Cottrell’s Pengay Florenne. do lge 1, A Barter’s Gwynneparc Meredith; 2, A Atwood’s Holmdean Christabella; 3, C Thorpe’s Hayod Mystical Helebop Comet.

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