BSPA Winter Championships, ’06

  • BSPA Winter Championships

    RIHS ponies 143cm & under (Mrs K Doyle, Mrs J Etheridge).— 1, H Butcher’s Tickety Boo; 2, E Liddle’s Mini Tidkin Soldier; 3, A Sanley’s Honeypot Right On Target. 153cm.— 1, J Van Praagh’s Centyfor Cinnamonberry; 2, K Barrett’s Feasgar; 3, J Gill’s Skewpie Peppermint Park. RIHS trad/native/cob 143-153cm.— 1, W Bartlett’s Toopala Too; 2, J Gosling’s Tinker Tim; 3, S Hicks’ Malachi III. RIHS lwt horse 153cm (Mrs K Doyle, M Lawrence).— 1, D Everett’s Dexters Calico Joe; 2, S Fleetham’s Paloma Picasso. exc 153cm.— 1, Wulfstan Stud’s Wulfstan King Of The Mountain ; 2, N Nash’s Inspiration; 3, P Towler’s Merlimont. RIHS hwt/cob/vanner/trad exc 153cm.— 1, K Smyth’s The Mighty Samson; 2, C Littlewood & M Prag’s Sovereign II; 3, C Johnson’s Annie III. winter ch lwt final in-hand (Mrs J Etheridge).— 1, K Millett’s Cornalara Lass; 2, Paloma Picasso; 3, L Colquhan-Scoffield’s Clearviews Marginata. mwt.— 1, Inspiration; 2, S Holoroyd’s Tullabeg Rain. hwt.— 1, R Walker’s Drum Major III; 2, L Nevard’s Beethoven; 3, N Roper’s Out of the Blue. non-native pony final.— 1, P Rabin & E Hartley’s Wiseacre TP; 2, H Rode’s Soulbury Song And Dance; 3, L Stapleton’s Llangorfe Crickhowell. native/trad/cob pony final.— 1, E Talbott’s Dereks Red Lion; 2, J North’s Jen Boston Crystal Gayle; 3, V Cotton’s Wulfstan Cassius Clover. Brightwells sport horse/pony y’stk (Mrs L Barton, Mrs A Sizmur).— 1, S Wilson’s Heiland Burberry Check; 2, Pferde Stud’s Pferde Stud Spot The Difference; 3, A Banks’ Red Andes. 4-8-y-o.— 1, Centyfor Cinnamonberry; 2, Dexters Calico Joe; 3, L Flatman’s Nibeley Apache. BSPA breeding stock (Mrs A Sizmur).— 1, Pferde Stud’s Pferde Stud Gucci. ridden nov final (Mr J Conify).— 1, Dexters Calico Joe; 2, L Moulton’s Austby Matilda; 3, Soulbury Song and Dance. family horse/pony.— 1, Sovereign II; 2, L Nevard’s Monty; 3, Dereks Red Lion. plaited pony.— 1, Soulbury Song And Dance; 2, Mini Tidkin Soldier; 3, Honeypot Right on Target. native/trad/cob pony.— 1, Malachi III; 2, A Rayner’s Fu Manchu; 3, Austby Mathilda. lwt/mwt horse.— 1, Merlimont; 2, Inspiration; 3, Dexters Calico Joe. Stars & Stripes halter y’stk female (Mr M Carda).— 1, C Bourne’s A League Above The Rest; 2, C Taylor’s ADMS Boston Lady; 3, A Whale’s Perpetually4-y-o & over gelding.— 1, E Hawkins’ Chippadee Interceptre; 2, J Hawkins’ Harringworth Montana. stallion.— 1, L Fryer’s Strait N Boston Chick; 2, L Jolly’s Pollygraph. showmanship amateur.— 1, D McGuire Warralee Mr Montana; 2, Chippadee Interceptre; 3, Tagged In A Blizzard. open.— 1, Pollygraph; 2, Strait N Boston Chick; 3, L Adams’ A Star Is Invited. walk & jog pleasure.— 1, Strait N Boston Chick; 2, P Carley’s Lil Blip Of Blosser; 3, M Rickard’s Docs Smokin Apache. nov.— 1, Strait N Boston Chick; 2, A Star Is Invited; 3, M Harpin’s Chippadee Workman. nov rider.— 1, D Kutas’ Sparkys Dirty Harry; 2, H Marshall’s Sierras Skip N Scoot; 3, Lil Blip Of Blosser. trail nov.— 1, A Star Is Invited; 2, Strait N Boston Chick; 3, Chippadee Workman. nov rider.— 1, Sparkys Dirty Harry; 2, Lil Blip Of Blosser; 3, K Frapporti’s Chets My Dad. y’stk horse (Mrs C Dew).— 1, TSR Mighty Tuff; 2, Spot The Difference; 3, Heiland Burberry Check. pony.— 1, E Pettengell’s Croftys Enigma; 2, S Burden’s Murphy; 3, C Peterson’s Country Welsh Rose. native/trad/cob.— 1, R Evans’ Gornoeth Well There You Are Then; 2, Murphy; 3, D Gibbs’ Gemini. in-hand horse/pony.— 1, R Holt’s Offshaun Spirit; 2, P Rabin’s Kalini; 3, Murphy. Colourama BCM.— 1, S C Cloud Dancer; 2, V Antona’s Twinkle Toes II; 3, Clearviews Marginata. lwt y’stk horse (Mr M Lawrence).— 1, Kalini; 2, Heiland Burberry Check; 3, S C Cloud Dancer. mwt.— 1, Red Andes; 2, D Knight’s Gunnings Moonlight Spirit; 3, P Gunning’s Puzzles Sweet Surprise. hwt/native/cob/trad horse.— 1, T Whitehand’s Chelsey Girl. plaited ponies.— 1, Corftys Enigma; 2, C Peterson’s Country Welsh Rose; 3, D Barber’s Inkwell Indigo. native/trad/cob pony.— 1, Murphy; 2, Gornoeth Well there You Are Then; 3, D Gibbs’ Gemini. skew/pie lwt horses 4yrs & over in-hand (Mrs R Jarvis).— 1, Cornalara Lass; 2, Paloma Picasso. mwt— 1, Inspiration. hwt/native/cob/trad.— 1, Drum Major III; 2, S Whitehand’s Winston; 3, Out Of The Blue. plaited pony.— 1, Skewpie Peppermint Park; 2, Diamond III; 3, Clearviews Marginata. native/trad/cob pony.— 1, Jen Boston Crystal Gayle; 2, S Ede’s Razzle Roison; 3, T Cowley’s The Celtic Warrior. RIHS 143cm (S Curtis, H Turner).— 1, Tickity Boo; 2, R Wortley’s Nutmeg; 3, Honeypot Right On Target. 153cm.— 1, S Parrott’s Denzil; 2, G Wilkes’ Mix-N-Match; 3, S Brodley’s Merlin’s Quest. trad/native/cob 153cm.— 1, Wulfstan Cassius Clover; 2, Dereks Red Lion; 3, I Mallett’s Charlie Naylor. lwt/mwt exc 153cm.— 1, Merlimont. hwt/cob/vanner/trad exc 153cm.— 1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Red Dwarf; 2, L Stennett’s Pussy Galore; 3, L Barton’s Inkspot II. Commanche in-hand y’stk (Mr J Conify).— 1, Kalini; 2, J Smith’s Puzzles Planet Pluto; 3, Corftys Enigma. plaited ponies not exc 153cm.— 1, Llangorfe Crickhowell; 2, Wiseacre TP; 3, Mini Tidkin Soldier. native/trad/cob pony.— 1, A Smith’s The Celtic Warrior; 2, Fumanchu; 3, Wulfstan Cassius Colver. BCM.— 1, Puzzles lanet Pluto; 2, M Mansell’s My Lucky Lady; 3, M Jelley’s Madeline. ridden native/trad/cob pony (Mrs K Doyle).— 1, W Bartlett’s Toopala Too; 2, Mallachi III; 3, Fu Manchu. plaited ponies.— 1, Llangorfe Crickhowell; 2, Honeypot Right On Target; 3, Skewpie Peppermint Park. native/trad/cob/vanner exc 153cm.— 1, Annie III; 2, L Bentham’s First Light III; 3, M Roper’s Blue. P(UK) ridden competition horse/pony.— 1, L Hyde’s Diamond Decision; 2, Mallachi III; 3, K Bates’ Broomford Morning Dancer. LR/FR.— 1, P Lee-Small’s Nutmeg; 2, F Wood’s Linacre Limerick. RIHS lwt hunter (Miss J La-Four & Mrs A Sizmur).— 1, J Webber’s Grasslands Harry; 2, O Hood’s Avalon; 3, D Baartram’s. mwt.— 1, H Baker’s Feckleton Montreal; 2, J Jenkins’ Criminal Justice; 3, S Cornish’s Baileys Pukka Tukka. hwt.— 1 & ch, O Hood’s True Granite. RIHS small hunter.— 1, V Smith’s Drumadoon (E Cross); 2, H Baker’s Hurlers Cross. RIHS sml hack (Mrs W King, Mrs F Featherstone).— 1 & ch, K Davis’s Kingsford Silver Spray. lge.— 1 & res, L Millman’s Ruby Tuesday. RIHS sml RH (Mrs A Smyth, Mrs F Featherstone).— 1 & ch, Maid To Measure; 2, C Bardoe’s Folie Bergere; 3, D Burgin’s Haddon Hurricane. lge.— 1, D Clark’s State Of Mind; 2, S Edwards’ Toomavarra (J Jenkins); 3, C Middleton’s Law Student. lwt cob (Mrs W King, Mrs F Featherstone).— 1 & ch, V Jenkins’ Jeremy Fisher; 2, L Stennett’s Pussy Galore; 3, J Webber’s Sonny Jim. hwt.— 1, K Jerram’s His Nibs; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Zenith; 3, J Webber’s Carntall. novice cob.— 1 & res sup, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Quasar; 2, K Chapman’s Willy’s Will; 3, S Darby’s Brown Thomas III. maxi cob.— 1, T Soar’s Beethoven; 2, A Clark’s GJ’s Just Jake; 3, L Williams’ Vital Spark. Kempley cob.— 1, K Gillam’s MG; 2, First Light III; 3, Out Of the Blue.

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