British Connemara Diamond Jubilee In-Hand

  • BRITISH CONNEMARA DIAMOND JUBILEE IN-HAND Warwickshire Agricultural College

    y’stk (E Petch) geld, 3-y-o 1 & ch, A Smith’s Eastlands White Hawthorn; 2, B Mogford’s Walstead Page Boy; 3, S Burt’s Walstead Rex. geld, 2-y-o 1, A Moxey’s Maggie’s Boy; 2, L Gray’s Atlantic Apollo; 3, G Guest’s Haselor Flint. geld y’ling 1 & res, J Sutton’s Scottsway Golden Lustre; 2, A Bramwell’s Mysti Star; 3, S Burt’s Walstead Bond Street. y’tk (E Petch) colt, y’ling 1, L Marsh’s Hayselden Kadmus; 2, A Morgans’ Tawnydun James; 3, A Wiles’ Sliabhlan Coco. filly, y’ling 1 & ch, Lady Palmar’s Chatterbox; 2 & res, H Knight’s Lockinge Aconite; 3, T Fawcett’s Kilimazing Kitty Kiss filly, 2-y-o 1, & y’stk ch, H Knight’s Rosscon Windy Lady; 2, J Parry’s Glencarrig Rebecca; 3, V Morgans’ Bonnie Raitt. filly, 3-y-o 1 & res y’stk, J Staveley’s Eastlands Flash Favour; 2, W Aird’s Falfield Beeleaf; 3, The Misses Miller’s Rosenaharley Ban Rion Laura. stallion, 3-y-o 1, J Williams’ Spinway Blackthorn; 2, K Bacon’s Galloon Rollover; 3, S Field’s Kilimazing Reallt’or. progeny groups (J Seymour) stallions 1, Tiercel Top Cat; 2, Pilgrims Excalibur; 3, Tiercel Top Cat. breeding (M Sharpley) stallion, 4-5-y-o 1 & res, S Gillingham’s Gentle Cascade; 2, S Burt’s Walstead Cartier; 3, N Palmer’s Oaklands Satyricon. stallion, 6-y-o & over 1 & sup ch, J Webb’s Bunowen Castle Ri; 2, A Fitzsimons’ Killary Cashel; 3, K Donnachie’s Gevaudan. b’mare 4-y-o & over with cert of serv 1 & res, S Hodgkins’ Cloonisle Carad; 2, N Palmer’s Oaklands Lace; 3, C Ireland’s Haselor Crystal’s Surprise. nov b’mare 1, J Parry’s Coosheen Lisa; 2, C Fletcher’s Manninard Sea Mist; 3, H Knight & Lady Vestey’s Loughconeera Gaoth Anoir. b’mare, 4-8-y-o 1, J Parry’s Coosheen Lisa; 2, K Wainwright’s Kieta; 3, C Fletcher’s Manninard Sea Mist. b’mare 9-13-y-o 1, ch, best British, & res sup, J Staveley’s Eastlands Burniebrae; 2, N Walters’ Kingstown Bay Lady. b’mare, 14-y-o & over 1, H Somerset & S Gordon’s Falfield Honeybear; 2, A Sharman’s Chiltern Blessing; 3, C Ireland’s Tyan Trudie Two. foal, colt 1, W Hodge’s Kirtle Poacher; 2, S Burt’s Walstead Lord Cameron; 3, J Parry’s Dinarth Hall Bob Cat. foal, filly 1 & ch, D Webb’s Wefan Saskatoon; 2 & res, K Wainwright’s Skellorn Chickieta; 3, E Vincent’s Chaffcombe Deep Secret. non-breeding section (J Seymour), mare 1 & ch, S Burt’s Walstead Amaryllis; 2, J Sehne & D Lacey’s Rudgeway Silver Trinket; 3, S Fuller-Lewis’ Elaphine Leonora. geld 1 & res, R Blackburn’s Canal Village Poacher; 2, H Somerset’s Tyan Tullamore; 3, R Stokeld’s Hayselden Daphnis. part-breds (J Seymour), 3-y-o & under incl eligible for reg foals 1 & ch, S Iliffe’s Nutwood Thriller; 2 & res , S Iliffe’s Nutwood Timepiece; 3, C Bryson’s Kilmiston Smarty Pants. 4-y-o & over 1, T Fawcett’s Kilimazing Damselfly. Tam o’ Shanter ch (J Seymour) b’mare 1 & ch, H Somerset & S Gordon’s Falfield Honeybear; 2, D Webb’s Martinside Plum; 3, P Bird’s Rosscon Doreen. stallion/filly/geld 3-y-o 1 & res, The Misses Miller’s Rosenaharley Ban Rion Laura; 2, J Williams’ Spinway Blackthorn; 3, L Jeffery’s Crossowen Storm. colt/stallion/filly/geld 2-y-o 1, S Burt’s Walstead Lady Isobella; 2, A Smith’s Chilham Whisper; 3, S Cheyne’s Heather’s Justine. colt/filly/geld. y’ling 1, J Sutton’s Scottsway Golden Lustre; 2, L Marsh’s Hayselden Kadmus; 3, J Field’s Tyan Roisin.

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