Blair Highland, 24 August

  • BLAIR HIGHLAND Blair Atholl, 24 August

    in-hand (J Allan) yeld mare, competing in other sections 1, A Groat & S Skea’s Marnonwells Cerstaidh; 2, F Hunter’s Cranachan; 3, J Reid’s Shevock Sapphire Speedwell. yeld mare not competing in other sections 1, A Ballantyne’s Burnside Fara; 2, A MacLeod’s Moss-side Glory; 3, J Connell’s Rowan of Achnacarry. geld, 4-6-y-o 1 & ch, J McCormack’s Torridon Of Logierait; 2, R Chalmers’ Whisper Of Caenlochan; 3, J McNaught’s Thorn Hamish. do, 7-y-o & over 1, F Bell’s Whitefield Prince Henry; 2, N Sanderson’s Drummond Rhuaridh; 3, K Williams’ Chapelhill Valour. stallion/colt, 2-y-o & over 1, H Dick’s Carlung Finlay; 2, A MacArthur’s Xy’lophone of Croila; 3, I & R McInroy’s Taymount Of Milroy. b’mare 1 & sup, Messrs G M Baird’s Islay Of Whitefield; 2, K Lawson & W Sinclair’s Lochlands Madasum; 3, J Alexander’s Fourmerk Heather Honey. filly foal 1 & ch, Messrs G M Baird’s; 2, Blair Castle Estate Ltd’s Atholl Carn Liath 3, K M & W J Taylor’s Rose Of Sunnyneuk. colt do 1, ex Holly Of Strathmore; 2, K Lawson & W Sinclair’s Lochlands Military Piper; 3, S Adams’ Jura Spirit Of Auchengarth. filly/geld, 3-y-o 1 & res, K M & W J Taylor’s Shona Of Sunnyneuk; 2, S Leslie Melville’s Glenbanchor Lady Flora; 3, I & R McInroy’s Miranda Karri Of Moulzie. filly/geld, 2-y-o 1, H Lundie’s Myra o’ Lundie Crags; 2, Messrs G M Baird’s Majestic Of Whitefield; 3, A Roberts’ Tower Misty May. y’ling 1, B Wells’ Cara Of Strathavon; 2, A McLeod’s Carli Of Roisbheinn; 3, B J Malim’s Eve of Meggernie. working Highland (H Gow) 1, S Thomson’s Gregor Of Achindrean; 2, A Matheson’s Scaraben Monarc; 3, E C Ormiston’s Sylvia Of Croila. WHP (J McNaught & R Stewart) nov, 148cm 1 & ch, R Bryson’s Craiglaw Bennachie; 2 & res, R Chalmers’ Whisper Of Caenlochan; 3, Craigmile & Pirie’s Prince O’ The Glens. open 1, K Lines’ Magnus Of Brathens; 2, Prince O’ The Glens; 3, W D O Valentine’s Aigas Of Litigan. ridden (J Munro), NS nov, 4-6-y-o 143cm 1, B Wells’ Jura Of Strathavon; 2, J Milne’s Erica Of Acharn; 3, A Matheson’s Scaraben Monarch nov do1, V Bogan’s Barnacle Of Glenoe; 2, R Gray-McMath’s Strathmore Brodie; 3, D Pringle’s Sharian Arina. do exc 143cm 1 & ch, S Wardrop’s Grace Of Carlung; 2, J McCormack’s Torridon Of Logierait; 3, B Dick’s Ossian Of Strathavon. open, 143cm 1 & res, Aigas Of Litigan; 2, L Paisley’s Moss-side Inverey; 3, E Crate’s Fingal Of Strathavon. open, 14hh & over 1 & ch, A Mitchell’s Dunedin May Rose; 2, J Reid’s Shevock Sapphire Speedwell; 3, Prince O’ The Glens.

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