Bicester with Whaddon Chase, 11 November

  • BICESTER WITH WHADDON CHASE Newton Morrell, Bicester, 11 November

    Humberts Open Qualifier 1, Fight the Ban (R & P Mason, B Pauling, M Stewart Wood) 4.22.44; 2, Sherwood Forge Flyers (D Topping, G Smith, P Browse) 4.27.21; 3, Hair Raisers (A Brown, P Thomason, P Still, N Fuller) 4.31.61; 4, Boring Gorings; 5, Humberts Hagglers; 6, Cunning Stunts. Pickworths Solicitors Intermediate1, Details to Follow (A Hardstaff, P & A Warham) 3.58.67; 2, A Class Act (C Alexander, A Shipley, S Robbins) 4.00.94; 3, Fight the Ban 2 (B Pauling, PMason, D Gittins) 4.04.24; 4, Wacky Racers; 5, The Windfalls; 6, Why Worry There’s Hope. Philip Ross Cubhunter (bogey time) 1, Little Chasers (P Sansom, K Fenn, C Robbins, R Rudd); 2, Charlie’s Angels (C&C Marshall, Z Pennells, F Marshall); 3, Young, Old and Older (M Higgins, P & S Carroll, C Noble); 4, Court Flyers 2; 5, Ronnies Racers; 6, Marsh Maniacs.

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