Area 3B

  • Area 3B

    Mini show pony (Mrs J Dean & Mrs J Griffin) tiny tots fr 1, K Gillett’s Nantcol Lady Penelope; 2, L Guy’s Highlawn Penny Royal; 3, K Johnstone’s Rosedale Toppolino. lead rein 1, G Ellis’ Cosford Persuasion; 2, H Wyslych & J Judge’s Rainbows Little Miss Splendid; 3, A Maltbys Dinsdale Sweet Harmony. first ridden 1, S Hatton & L Minchin’s Romany River Olivia; 2, Burnip’s Clegginhill Sirin; 3, R Frank’s Hollybush Trump Card. RIHS Open Show pony128cm 1, & ch S Aldreds Chasecroft Dawn Chorus; 2, D Housley’s Kouros Super Star; 3, L Fitzgerald’s Harver Relativity. 138cm 1, & res Burnips Eskside Sapphire; 2, K Bott’s Fenwick Heaven Sent; 3, Team Hollings & A Chamberlain’s Spinningdale Scherzo. 148cm 1, A Grierson’s Whalton Wolf Whistle; 2, T McKay’s Seamoor Flashdance; 3, R Clobbard’s Champlers Storyteller. novice (D Hinde)128cm 1, M Mackay’s Megland’s Star Time; 2, K Gibson’s Barkway Tiger Moth; 3, Kouros Super Star. 138cm 1, S Baybutt’s Pickmere Anser; 2, D Coultas’ Littlesprings Starlight; 3, K Black’s Beckside Step Lightly. 148cm 1, J Card’s Roodelbats Sunny Delight; 2, Mrs J Horsfall’s Baybrook Mr Perfect; 3, Burnips Seatshill Fallen Angel. pretty polly lr 1, L Mitchell’s Kensmyth Fortitude; 2, T Jones’ Mybella Sweet Cinammon; 3, G Heslop’s Fairley Marianne. pretty polly fr 1, J Stacey’s Cosford Mellitza; 2, R Leavesley & J Robinson’s Blythbury Be Fair; 3, Nantcol Lady Penelope. pretty polly sp 1, M Stapeley’s Cat Burglar; 2, S Field’s Starlight Bright Emerald; 3, M Ely’s Daldorn Nutmeg. RIHS Open Int SRT not ex 153cm 1, D Resketh’s Kavanagh’s Columbian Emerald; 2, P Ahern’s Whalton High Jinks; 3, Patterson Horseboxes Savannah. ex 153cm 1, & res A White’s Kavanagh’s High Society; 2, D McCormack’s Manhattan; 3, J Edmonson’s Sharlan Top Hat and Tails. novice int srt 1, C McGoldrick’s Prince Bishop; 2, P Ahern’s Catherston Connor; 3, D Feeley’s Indigo II. nursery stakes 1, H Parkes’ Gryngaltt Pageant; 2, K Johnston’s Mellormount Dylan; 3, T Seymour’s Oldcourt Amadeus. 133 WHP 1, & ch A Beaty’s Whatcroft Excalibur; 2, Mrs Gardner’s Kilitane Cavalier; 3, A Hall-Jacksons Diamond Smuggler. 143 1, & res B Scott’s Stambrook Pavarotti; 2, R Taylor’s Pebbly Maid of Honour; 3, D Whitrick’s Folly II. 153 1, L Johnsons Kilkenny Kid; 2, E Barnes’ Laughton’s Bramble Pie; 3, J Cooper’s Mirah Kilgobben Rebel. Int 1, S Boden’s Dun the Business; 2, M Canter’s Gally Hill; 3, A Clements’ Nelly Brown. Cradle stakes 1, A Hall-Jackson’s Streamda Major; 2, J Price’s Colliers Oriel; 3, Mellormount Dylan. adv nursery stakes 1, Mrs Rogers’ Parkfield Freddie; 2, Whatcroft Excalibur; 3, J Gillom’s Tina Glitters. novice WHP nursery stakes 1, A Robinson’s Perfect Puzzle II. nov mixed 1, S Plausic’s Noble Millionairess; 2, A Prince’s Red Robin II; 3, D Gebhard’s Country Elegance. pretty polly SHP ex 133cms 1, A Brothwoods Miss Demeanor; 2, Noble Millionairess; 3, J Thompson’s High Flier III. pretty polly SHP not ex 133cm 1, D Roberts’ Northford Steady Eddie; 2, Colbeach Autumn Song; 3, Huggard’s Erimus Kiss Me Quick. Lead rein SHP 1, A Coopers Pumphill Victreebell; 2, L Mitchell’s Rillaton Peter Rabbit; 3, H Taylor’s Treowan Ranger. RIHS Open SHP 122 1, N Ward’s Beckcroft Best Man; 2, S Baybutt’s Glangwa Gringo; 3, S Dennison’s Little Briars April Louise. 133 1, & res P Taylor’s Romai Mr Micawber; 2, Burnips Antoinette’s Catamount; 3, L Stevens’ Colbeach Autumn Song. 143 1, & ch & sup S Murphy’s Lindeth Lovesong; 2, A Brayshaws Rowanoak Next Generation; 3, K Neachall’s Van Gogh. 153 1, M Dale’s Carnsdale Captain Nemo; 2, S Blake’s Good Time Boy; 3, S Berry’s Last Chance II. In SH 1, & ch R Helliwell’s Samantha III; 2, G Baxter Nantwich Ltd Escapado; 3, Cooper Corporation’s Imperial Measure. Mxd novice SHP 1, A Lloyd’s Courtland Charmer; 2, D Alty’s Yealand Desdemona; 3, J Card’s Yealand Vienna. Working Hunter novice 1, & res K Ward’s Noble Kilcannon; 2, C Telch’s Czech Mate; 3, V Ellis’ Ello Elvis. RIHS Open 1, & ch J Cochrane’s Mountain Ember; 2, A Hanson’s Omegas Boy; 3, K Ward’s Noble Best Man. Novice Hunter 1, A Hall’s Fox’s Prophecy; 2, G Connor’s Pavarotti III; 3, A Drabble’s Lowmoor Ladies Man. Lwt Hunter 1, F Everall’s Berkley Square II; 2, Clerk & Stout’s outlaw’s Ophelia; 3, J Hathersich–Jones’ Fritz Baron. mwt hunter 1, Countess Gotss-Sarou’s Granite City; 2, Endeavour; 3, S Jones’ Mr Gibson. hwt hunter 1, S Clark’s Pencader Owen Glendower; 2, S Tennant’s Master Kilkenny; 3, J Gardner’s Spot On IV. Small Hunter 1, V Clayton’s Mountain Firecrest; 2, P Binks’ Swannee River; 3, V Dowdeswell’s Goodwillhunting. Ladies’ 1, & ch Granite City; 2, A Hall’s Ozier Hill; 3, A Hedley’s Mr Tumnas. lwt amateur 1, & ch A hunt’s Romany King; 2, Ello Elvis; 3, S Ginley’s Fergus IV. hwt amateur 1, & res W Ryle’s; 2, Spot On IV; 3, J Bickerton’s Celtic King. novice cob 1, & ch H Erner’s The Apprentice; 2, & res T Farrow’s Little Countryman; 3, R Dilworth’s Lord Snooty. Novice riding horse 1, J McTiffin’s Wilderness Rhapsody; 2, S Emmerson’s Saint Coco Bay; 3, C Schofields By Invitation. novice hack 1, J Hunton’s Regardez Moi; 2, L Mitchell’s Pickmere Prince Charming; 3, R lord Henry Bell. lwt cob1, & res Thompson & Sears’ Father Ted; 2, G Gale’s Father Gillespie; 3, S Lave’s Riley Esq. hwt cob 1, & res J McTiffin’s Private Benjamin; 2, M Wilkinson’s Macmillin; 3, Little Coutryman. small riding horse 1, & res Lyncombe Blueprint; 2, M Boundy’s Captain Corelli; 3, C Twiston-Davies’ Royal Mirage. large riding horse 1, & ch S Ambler’s Intrepid; 2, C Cocker’s Arlequin Fairytale; 3, Electric Storm. small hack 1, L Sargeant’s Rufforth Olympic Light; 2, J Gregson’s Perfect Alibi; 3, E Boardman’s Yealand Solitude. large hack 1, & ch K Hewetson’s Morning Music; 2, & res Goodier & Sellar’s Smith Stormy Reef; 3, R Blissett’s The Wizard II. RIHS PBA not ex 148cm 1, & res L Fitzgerald’s Harver Relativity; 2, J Horsfall’s Baybrook Mr Perfect; 3, S Cornforth & S Hill’s Sudden Imprint. ex 148cm 1, & ch J Willaimson’s Lyncombe Blueprint; 2, K Vines’ Lestarswood Admiration; 3, C Schofield’s Joylans Lucky Davey. heritage lr 1, A Prince’s Kyregate Peter Pan; 2, Shuttleworth & Leeming’s Waxwing Pastille; 3, S Potter’s West Firle Miss Moppet. fr 1, & ch P Taylor’s Uppacott Marjosse; 2, G Collins’ Bala Goldcrest; 3, M Mackay’s Haighend Aristocrat. open small breeds 1, T Neal’s Gwuanarll Nathan; 2, J Southworth’s Mynydarren The Maverick; 3, Leeming & Shuttleworth’s Shilstone Rocks Sealord. b & c 1, S Harrison’s Kirkhamgate Mr Cool; 2, H Turner’s Bannut Timpani; 3, J Wilson’s Kinnerton Barnaby. new forest/connemara 1, & res D McDonald’s Hungry Hall Coronet; 2, R Bond’s Loughfadda Bestman; 3, K Vines’ Knockmore Merrel Prince. large 1, & ch A Johnson’s Rangehill Marie; 2, K Manning’s Wellbrowjacko; 3, S Harrisons Tybanadl Gwilym. Heritage WHP (S Hide) 122cms 1, & res Hall-Jackson’s Steemda Major; 2, K Beebee’s Wydene Tiny Tim. 138cms 1, C Casey’s Anthenrh Culeistoir; 2, S Grantham’s Ladybrook Amaretti. ex 138cms 1, & ch A Wilson’s Munden Petanque; 2, S Lyons’ Countryside Rambling Boy; 3, D Snape’s Kingswells Solo. M & M in hand small breeds 1, S Leigh’s Cosley Diamond; 2, A Neilson’s Tamberley of Hutton; 3, S Pearce’s Pwilsarn Sweetcorn. large breeds 1, L Rigby’s Erwyd Calan Mai; 2, Rosway Black Olive; 3, S Pearce’s Drollis Delilah. NPS M & M WHP 122 1, J Price’s Collyers Oriel; 2, A Pracey’s Morwyn Bronze Knight; 3, B Williams’ Bunbury Czar. 138 1, & res R Ieavesley’s Valentine Cadence; 2, S O’Reilly’s Calusta Topsy Turvy; 3, Anthenrh Culeistoir. ex 138 1, & ch J Cooper’s Bellingdene Rock Legend; 2, C McCullogh’s Gwarchod Sparkling Comet; 3, V Eggleston’s Tayroyd Supreme. BSPA RIHS not ex 153cms 1, J Singleton’s Lawrence’s Cookies and Cream; 2, H Greenhalgh’s Annagram; 3, S Coates’ Catwalk II. ex 153cms 1, & ch S Ambler’s Endeavour; 2, & res Thirkhill & Ahern’s Jasper Bailey; 3, J Blundell’s Electric Storm. Best colour and markings in hand 1, & ch Brocklehurst & Woods’ Dolly Mixture IV; 2, A Robinson’s Cactus Jack II; 3, A Robinson’s Perfect Puzzle II. open in hand 1, Dolly Mixture IV; 2, R Milner’s The Lion King; 3, Cactus Jack II. Ex 153 1, & res R Walker’s Stormhill Mink; 2, L Fleetham’s Paloma Picasso; 3, Miss Ibbotson’s Tiara. Lobster Pot lead rein 1, & res S Manners’ Collyers Mollycoddle; 3, C Winstanley’s Pantmanr Just Right. Brineton first ridden 1, & ch G Stone’s Joleon Tosca; 2, G Collins’ Bala Goldcrest; 3, D Roberts’ Waitwith Sue Ellen. m & m ridden small breeds1, 605; 2, M Ely’s Clinthwaite Autumn Leaves; 3, D Garret’s Braymill Solitaire. large breeds 1, & ch K Wainwright’s Skellorn Harrison; 2, C Singh’s Rainbows End; 3, D Walker’s Rossway Black Olive. working cob 1, R Rowley’s Tom Firr; 2, G Brierley’s Barney Rubble V; 3, R Dilworth Mulberry.

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