Expert advice on preparing for a winning debut in the show ring

Follow our at-a-glance guide to entering your first show.

Before you set off for your big day check that you have organised the following essentials:

  • A copy of the schedule to check you are eligible to enter?
  • A map and directions of how to get there – aim to arrive early
  • A packed lunch and refreshments for your family and helpers
  • A checklist of all the clothes and tack you will need on the day. These should include string for your number, scrunchies for the hair, tiepin , extra hairnet, a change of clothes etc

  • Sufficient money for entries
  • Check oil and water in lorry/car
  • Check tyres and spare
  • Insurance/MOT up to date
  • Current flu/vet certificate

Make sure that you have packed the following for your pony

  • water
  • feed
  • haynet
  • whitener for legs
  • clean grooming kit
  • blackener for knees and hooves
  • baby oil for eyes and muzzle
  • human hairbrush for M&M manes and tails
  • hoofpick
  • clean sponge

Last minute checks :

  • Saddle, girth, bridle bit – have you cleaned them and put them back together?
  • Jodphur boots – have you sewn elastic onto the jodhpurs?
  • Gloves – for leader and rider?
  • Lead Rein Leader – have you got the leather lead rein? Your showing cane?Your running shoes? Your Hat? Don’t forget your tights!
  • Dad – have you got the camera? The video? Money for emergencies?
  • Don’t forget a map!
  • Arrive early, be prepared!

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