Cavalor Hygienic Wash: ‘great on sensitive skin’ 7/10

Cavalor Hygienic Wash


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£16.99 for 500ml

Welcome to our group test of winter washes for horses. All of the washes in this group test have been thoroughly tested by busy yard owner and hunting enthusiast Harriet Rimmer. Find out what she thought below.

Cavalor’s official description

Cavalor Hygienic Wash is a shampoo that goes a step further than a standard shampoo for horses. Hygienic Wash not only cleans the horse’s skin, but also kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. Cavalor Hygienic Wash is pH neutral and suitable for all skin types.

Harriet’s first impressions

This wash looked almost too kind to their skin and I thought it might not give them a really good wash.

Overview of performance

This wash was very good on horses with sensitive skin, as it cuts through the scurf and gave a really good clean. A good choice for sensitive horses rather than your go-to everyday wash.

Harriet’s likes and dislikes

I liked the fact that it was very gentle on the skin, but it was hard to know how much you should dilute it as it could get very “frothy”.


I would recommend this for horses that have sensitive skin

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