Back On Track 3D mesh boots

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  • Back On Track 3D mesh boots


    • Fit:
    • Performance:
    • Value for money:
    • Style:


    • Strong and durable
    • Fur lined for comfort
    • Worn and washed well so far
    • Substantial Velcro fastenings
    • Very cool legs after use


    • Possibiltiy of dirt embedding in the fur lining
    • May be considered generous in sizing (though this worked to my advantage in this instance)

    Price as reviewed:


    Our reviewer was impressed with these sturdy, well-made brushing boots and found them beneficial for horses with sensitive limbs

    I tried a large size black fur lined brushing boot. On first opening the boots they felt sturdy and very well made, I normally struggle to find boots large enough for my 18hh+ horse but these boots felt very generous in size and fitted very well especially in the length of the cannon, this may need to be taken into consideration for a smaller horse.

    The Velcro straps are broad and provide a very secure contact and at no point did I feel they might fail. The boots are lined with a faux fur which appears very comfortable for the horse, who has very sensitive white-haired legs. At no point did he show any signs of rubbing or marking as he has done in the past with brushing boots — so this was a huge bonus as he is normally bandaged for all of his work. These boots provided a very quick alternative for me that I have not had for some time.


    The outer layer of the boot is a mesh-like material allowing for breathability and quicker drying time for the boots, while the neoprene inner provides shock absorption during work. I tested these boots both in the dressage arena and hacking, and while, as expected, the faux fur lining isn’t the best in wet/muddy conditions the boots performed very well at all other times.

    The boots are made using the Back on Track Welltex fabric, a ceramic infused textile, which claims to help prevent injuries, relieve muscle tension, expedite recovery and increase circulation. The fabric is designed to reflect the bodies heat whille in use. It is hard to comment on quite how much the boots influenced these factors but I can say that the horse’s legs were very cool after work. I have had no other negative impact on the limbs or signs of increased wear and tear on the horse.


    The boots themselves have worn very well with little or no signs of wear and tear even given the size and activity level of the horse testing them so that was very impressive. They have washed well but I do question whether over time small particles might be able to trap in the fur lining but I guess only time will tell.


    Overall I was a very big fan of the boots and would definitely recommend them to friends and those looking for an alternative for a sensitive-limbed horse like mine

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