A versatile pair of boots that are ultra comfortable

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  • Donatello SQ field boot


    • Performance:
    • Style:
    • Value for money:


    • Large range of sizes
    • Innovative ankle design to reduce break in time
    • Great quality for the price point


    • No boot trees for storing
    • No dress version available in Europe

    Price as reviewed:


    Our reviewer was very impressed with this pair of boots and wears them not only to ride in but also around the yard.

    I have now had my pair of Tredstep Donatellos for eight months and I can report that they have worn really well (as you can see from the picture). These boots offer a closer feel when riding than other brands I have worn. They are in no way stiff or bulky and were immediately comfortable to ride in and didn’t require any breaking in at  all.

    The Donatello SQ field boot is an update of Tredstep’s popular Donatello field boot. The first thing to mention is the huge variety of sizes that Tredstep offer in this boot. There are five different calf fittings for the SQ boot from X-slim to full and two heights regular and tall. Not only this there is also an additional ‘plus’ and ‘wide’ fitting available in the Donatello field boot. There is also a huge range of foot sizes available from 36–45. For this reason I would be confident that Tredstep have made a fitting that will suit nearly every pair of legs.

    With so much choice you really do need to be accurate with measuring your leg if ordering from online. My leg measured fraction over 35cm and I therefore went for a regular fit as the sizing chart for my foot size (40) was 35cm slim or 36.75 regular. I could have probably got away with a slim but I don’t mind a bit of room to ensure that they fit with a variety of breeches and jodhpurs. If your preference is for close fitting then these boots have a rear stretch panel and top gusset which would lead me to advise that you get the fitting as close to your measurements as possible as these aid the fit.

    With regards to foot size I always find that I tend to go down half a foot size in a riding boot. If you are in between calf measurements and foot measurements it is worth noting these boots come with insoles that can alter the fit by half a size.

    The boots look beautiful and arrived carefully packaged and wrapped. They came already laced but also came with a spare pair of laces, a guide showing you how to lace them, a pair of insoles and also a pair of heel risers. The boots don’t come with boot trees but are stuffed with shaped plastic which you could continue to use when being stored to keep the shape.

    The boots claim to reduce foot fatigue due to their clever footbeds the TS3D. This provides advanced cushioning, shock absorbing and arch support through a moulded sport high impact cushioned footbed with a dry-lex moisture wicking top layer and a forked Bartoli composite mid sole with an advanced shank providing additional stability. My feet were certainly comfy wearing them!

    The innovative design of these boots supports ease of movement in the ankle to reduce break-in time of the boot and this is certainly noticeable. These boots have been comfortable to ride in from day one.

    If you are lucky enough to have a local retailer I would definitely recommend going and trying some on to find the perfect fit — but beware don’t expect to just try a pair on. Once you have found the perfect fit for you they’ll be coming home with you and you won’t regret it!

    These boots haven’t just been worn to ride in. I also use them on the yard and the soles are still in great condition and the boots still polish up to look really smart, even though they have been very well used. The only time they aren’t my first choice of boot is on very cold days, an insulated winter version would be great for next year please Tredstep!


    I’ve never had a pair of Tredstep boots before and have been super impressed, while the huge range of sizes is fantastic, if not a little overwhelming.

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