A reliable pair of boots that survived an ‘extreme test’

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  • Toggi Quebec County Boots


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    • Comfortable
    • Strong but cushioned sole
    • Nice colour
    • Clean-up very well


    • I have a tiny rub on one foot



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    Our reviewer found varying weather conditions in which to wear these handy and reliable boots

    The Toggi Quebec County boots are a really good, all-round pair of nice country boots that are completely fit for purpose.

    I had been wearing them sporadically over the summer at home, on the yard, walking the dog and to events before they underwent the extreme test — three days at a music festival in bottomless mud.

    I had quite liked these boots up until that point. They are a nice deep brown (always a tick for me), smart and sturdy without being too hefty, and have kept their shape well.

    In true equestrian style, I chose to take a weekend off horses by standing in a field for three days.

    The rain and mud was horrific. While my cheap pop-up tent did not survive (RIP tent), these boots triumphed.

    Toggi Quebec County Boots

    My feet were warm, dry and toasty throughout and were the subject of many envious glances from those who had opted for the “trainers and plastic bags” option over anything more waterproof.

    At the end of the weekend, I shoved them in several plastic bags, lobbed them in the boot of my car and promptly forgot about them for several weeks. Despite this, they scrubbed up a treat with a stiff brush under a tap.

    I wear them all the time as they are so easy to slip on and care for.

    They are smart and comfortable enough to wear out reporting and are equally excellent to slip on on the morning of a competition for mucking out, bathing horses, course walking and then for shoving on for the way home at the end of the day.

    Toggi Quebec County Boots

    I’ve had one miniscule rub on one foot from them, but it was very small and I would expect that with any new pair of boots.

    I’m around 5ft5in and tried a size 6 — they were true to size and not too long for my legs.

    Price-wise, the RRP for these is £155 and they are worth it. I’ve also seen them advertised for around the £115 mark on several retailers’ websites.

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    A lovely, reliable pair of boots that I would definitely recommend.

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