Rhinegold Elite Detroit Front Zip Paddock Boots: review

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  • Rhinegold Elite Detroit Front Zip Paddock Boots


    • Style:
    • Fit:
    • Durability:
    • Performance:
    • Value for money:


    • Spur rests
    • Leather quality
    • Overall appearance – brogue detailing
    • Colour


    • The Silicone grip knee patch won’t be to everyone’s preference
    • No option for short/long leg variety

    Price as reviewed:


    Our reviewer was impressed by the look and smartness of these boots, but had issues with their shape

    My first impression of these boots was that I was impressed by how smart they looked for a low cost boot. I thought that the shape of the boot was stylish and I was keen on the brogue detailing on the toe.

    The soft waxy leather looked of good quality and the colour (brown) was a very pleasant shade. I wasn’t sure about the ankle shape, it looked boxy and squared off at the top and also quite tall, I thought they may rub.


    After wearing these boots both around the yard and riding, various features have stood out to me. Firstly the ankle shape and elastic sides proved to be an issue when riding because it makes the boot less secure around your leg allowing your heel to lift inside the boot when your feet are pressing down in the stirrups. This is very distracting when riding and after a prolonged time would likely lead to blisters or rubs. This shape also causes the boot to gape and catch against the horse’s sides. I like the look and ease of the zip front to these boots, however it does not help with the problem I have just raised, as it does not allow you to tighten the boot. Laces like on the Rhinegold Indiana boot may minimise the problem.


    The foot bed is cushioned making it comfortable but there is minimal arch support. I find arch support an important feature in any riding boot that I wear as I have high arches to my feet and lack of support in this area causes me to grip with my toes and tighten in my leg resulting in decreased riding performance and sore feet.


    In summary, compared to their more pricey counterparts, the elite Detroit boots don’t quite match up but for an inexpensive boot they would hold their own in the market. The issues that I have noted to do with the shape of the boot may be helped if the boots were worn with chaps, however I do not believe any have been made to match this model yet.


    A smart boot and good value for money but the shape of the boot did not provide my foot with enough support

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