Muckboots Pacy II all-condition riding boots: review

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  • Muckboots Pacy II all-condition riding boots


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    • Waterproof
    • Warm
    • Multi-purpose
    • Stylish
    • Hard wearing


    • A little bit bulky
    • Not cheap

    Price as reviewed:


    Our reviewer found these boots to be ideal for everyday use on the yard and while riding

    These boots are warm, waterproof and multi-purpose making them ideal for a busy rider/groom/owner during the cold winter months. The boots have a rubber outer sole with a thick neoprene leg so are completely waterproof. This means you can slosh through deep mud/muck while mucking out, turning out and catching in, then simply hose off the dirt, jump on board and go out riding.


    The pair I tested was size 4 in black and I felt they were a good fit. These boots are extremely well insulated meaning I could wear them on cold days with just my normal riding socks. According to the manufacturer they are designed to be worn in temperatures between 10 to -30 degrees C. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them in warmer weather as I tried this and found my feet did get uncomfortably warm. The coldest weather I wore them in was around -5 and my feet did not feel cold. I have not had the opportunity to test them at colder temperatures than this.

    The boots are described as having a ‘fleece’ lining. This is a thin micro fleece type material rather than a wooly deep pile material. They are extremely comfortable and have not rubbed at all, even after five months of wear.


    A number of people have commented positively about the appearance of these boots. With a patterned leg and fake buckle on the outside, they are more stylish that many boots of this type. I have slim legs and these boots were less fitted around my calf that similar longer ‘riding’ style boots, but were still very comfortable to wear while out hacking.

    Initially the boots were a little stiff around the ankle, but it didn’t take long for them to become more flexible. I wouldn’t choose to use these boots for schooling or jumping as I prefer a closer feel of my leg against my horse’s side, but they are idea for hacking, particularly in cold weather, as well as being extremely hardwearing and ideal to wear around the stables.

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    I would recommend these boots for anyone who is looking for a practical yet stylish pair of warm winter boots that allow you to work and ride without changing your footwear in between



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