Fairfax & Favor ladies’ driving shoes: review

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  • Fairfax & Favor ladies' driving shoes


    • Fit:
    • Performance:
    • Style:
    • Value for money:


    • Very comfy, cushioned sole
    • Slip-on, no laces etc so easy to put on
    • Look smart,
    • Rubber sole, means they are hard-wearing and can withstand some rain.


    • Sizes come up too big – at times feel like they may come off!
    • Found the colour bold and worried may clash with clothes! But colour did grow on me.
    • Not convinced by rubber grip on back of heel, would prefer if that was not there!

    Price as reviewed:


    Our reviewer thought that these shoes are comfortable and durable plus very stylish although be sure to check the sizing guide first

    I tested a size seven, turquoise pair of ‘The Driver’ shoes from the luxury but affordable footwear company Fairfax & Favor.

    My first impressions were good because the packaging looked very smart — they arrived in a quality white box and were packaged nicely inside, making them an ideal gift.

    The turquoise colour struck me initially as quite bold — the shoes are also available in hot pink and orange — and at first I worried about matching them to the right coloured clothes!

    As the kind of person who tends to stick with more tame, neutral colours it was good for me to literally step outside the box and I can say the colour certainly grew on me.

    As a style of shoe perhaps more commonly seen on men’s feet, I think the designers have been successful in creating a driving shoe with a feminine touch — as the say on their website “the Fairfax & Favor take on a timeless classic.”

    Handmade in Portugal, they are created from suede, with smart stitching and lacing — although very handily they are slip-on, no laces actually need to be tied.

    I wear them mostly with black jeans, and I think they look smart and sophisticated.

    I have also worn them in a variety of weather, and they coped well with a soggy field, thanks to their tough rubber sole.

    As a person who has never owned an actual pair of ‘driving shoes’ I wasn’t convinced by the rubber grip on the back of the heel, although I know that is consistent with that style of ‘driving’ shoe.

    I found them particularly comfortable, the insoles have a cushiony feel and at no point did they rub my feet — that’s a miracle because my feet are an odd shape and plenty of shoes rub them!

    I am usually a size seven, however they are on the bigger size, ideally I have them smaller. Although I have since read on the website they suggest the following: “We advise taking one size smaller than your usual designated size.”

    I would definitely recommend them to a friend as a smart, comfy alternative to the classic boat shoe.


    These shoes are comfortable and durable plus very stylish although be sure to check the sizing guide first

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