Derby House Kinpurnie Stirling zip paddock boots: review

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  • Derby House Kinpurnie Stirling zip paddock boots


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    • Stylish
    • Neat fit


    • Not easy to make shiny
    • Footbed could be more comfortable


    Derby House

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    Our reviewer found these boots to be smart and comfortable, especially for those with narrow feet

    My first impression of the Kinpurnie Stirling zip paddock boots was that they were stylish, with their attractive detailing across the toe, and of a narrow fit, which gives a neat appearance that is quite rare in most short riding boots. They received favourable comments from others at my livery yard, with more than one person asking me which brand they were.


    My feet are fairly small (size four) and quite narrow and flat so in some jodhpur boots I’ve tried I’ve felt like my feet are swimming around in a lot of space. These boots were closer fitting than many I have worn and I particularly like that around the ankle as the lack of bulk makes wearing them with half chaps or gaiters much easier and more comfortable. I’d say these boots were true to size, but I expect that they might not suit someone with a bulk or wide foot quite so well.


    The tumbled leather on the boot’s upper is soft and thin, which made the boots comfortable from the start. The boots are also leather lined. As yet the boots haven’t shown any obvious wear, although the leather has dropped slightly below the ankle (as shown in the pictures). I found that the footbed isn’t as comfortable as some other short boots I have worn, although my feet have not got sore from wearing these. I can just feel the surface/stirrup iron under my foot more clearly than in some others.


    The zips are a great addition, making the boots extremely easy to put on and take off, and they have not snagged or got stuck during the trial period.


    While the detailing on the toe is attractive, and the soft leather makes them comfortable, it does effect the ease with which you can easily buff them to a high shine when cleaning, but even with a slightly matte natural appearance, they still look smart.


    A great pair of short riding boots for riders with slim feet

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