New equipment for injured jockeys’ rehabilitation centre

A rehabilitation centre for injured jockeys is now host to a new piece of advanced training kit to aid recovery.

Oaksey House, in Lambourn, Berks, has had the “AlterG anti-gravity treadmill” since 21 January. The treadmill allows the user to exercise under reduced gravity — like running on a cushion of air — which helps improve muscle strength and coordination with minimum stress.

“We are delighted to be able to offer the revolutionary AlterG machine at Oaksey House,” said Dr Anna-Louise Mackinnon, medical adviser to the Injured Jockeys Fund and Professional Jockeys Association.

“The ground breaking piece of equipment is an example of what we’re trying to achieve at Oaskey — constantly moving forwards at the cutting edge of sports injury prevention and rehabilitation.”

Oaksey House opened in 2009, offering a range of respite and rehabilitation services including medical consultation, physiotherapy, massage therapy and specialist gyms.

For more information visit www.injuredjockeys.co.uk/oaksey-house.asp and www.alterg.com

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