Eventing magazine: April 2015

  • In this month’s Eventing magazine, read part two of our essential guide on horse trials in 2015. We also bring the breeding special including a look at four-star stallions and ex-racehorses who have carved successful careers as eventers. Ben Hobday also talks us through how to keep maximum power in your canter while going cross-country. You can enjoy all the news and reports from the last two months.



    What’s in Eventing magazine: April 2015

    Breeding special

    • Top boys: Chilli Morning and the other stallions who’ve competed at four-star
    • French paradise: We visit Jouetard, the stud where double world young horse champion Tenareze started his life, and meet the next stars to watch out for
    • Bred to race, winning eventing: The bloodlines of ex-racehorses Ortolan and Sqadron Leader
    • Multi-talented: Through the keyhole at the stud where Emily Llewellyn is based with polo player and showjumper Max Routledge


    • Keep the revs up: Stay confident cross-country by adding maximum power to the canter. Ben Hobday explains how
    • Horse Trials guide part 2: Essential info on every British Eventing fixture from July to October: what the organisers and riders say about the events, plus cross-country statistics from 2014
    • A case of yard envy at Piggy French’s: Our rider diarist Louise Harwood goes visiting for World Class training, is “out-blinged” at British Dressage and starts her eventing season


    • Riders react to new dressage tests
    • The case for medical armbands remaining cumpulsory
    • New Burghley course
    • Death of a supersire

    The regulars

    • World news
    • Stabletalk
    • Legal eagle
    • Blair diary
    • Tried & Tested: Clothing
    • Results


    • Isleham
    • Tweseldown (1)
    • Oasby (1)
    • Poplar Park
    • JAS Final
    • Grassroots round-up
    • World reports