New ‘Showing range’ released by KM Elite

KM Elite has added 4 new products to its line of grooming supplements. 

All 4 products, in the new Showing range, are designed specifically for show horses and ponies. They are designed to help a horse or pony look its best when it goes into the ring. 
Champion Black and Champion White are designed to cover up stains on grey and black horses and costs £12.99.

Champion Sparkle and Shine provides glossy shine to a horses mane, tail and coat and costs £12.99.
Champion Highlighter is a facial highlighter which illuminates a horses eyes, muzzle and bones and costs £10.99. 
A spokesperson for KM Elite said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Champion Showing Range. The products are suitable for show horses and ponies and offer a professional show ring finish.”
For more information visit: www.kmeliteproducts.co.uk

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