New bridle range from Classic Dressage

Owning separate bridles for shows and for working at home is often considered an expensive luxury — but equestrian retailer Classic Dressage has come up with an interesting compromise.

The company has launched a range of UK-made bridles that it says are interchangeable and of premium quality — but without the hefty price tag.

The new range of double and snaffle bridles can be bought as standard but key components, such as the brow-band, noseband and reins, can be quickly and easily interchanged to give a show or working bridle.

The Classic Dressage snaffle and double bridles come with a Swarovski Crystal Wave brow-band as standard and are complete with reins. Additional pieces can then be purchased separately. A plain brow band can be added for everyday use, as can additional rein sets with a rubber grip. Separate nosebands such as a drop or a patent crank, can also be separately purchased for special days out.

The bridles have a padded, contoured, integrated headpiece and are available in black or brown with white padding.

Prices are £225 for snaffle bridles and £325 for doubles.

For more information visit: www.classicdressage.com

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