H&H Asks: Stirrup Control System 3

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  • SHOW jumper, Pippa Allen, 12, won the HOYS 138cm championship. She wears the Stirrup Control System 3 (SCS3) from Mountain Horse — comprising boots, quick-release stirrups and stirrup treads designed to help keep the rider’s feet more stable and secure.

    How does it work?

    THE SCS3 system features slanted grooves in the sole of each boot, which slot into corresponding grooves on the stirrup tread. The angle of the grooves stops the boot sliding forwards through the stirrup, but allows the rider to pull their foot back easily. There are four grooves in each sole, allowing the rider to place their foot further forward or back to suit.
    The SCS3 Quick Release stirrup iron adds to the safety factor. A rubber tube forms part of the outer section of the stirrup and this opens in the event of an accident.

    Who uses them?

    JUNIOR show jumper Pippa Allen competes in the SCS3 system.

    Her father, Peter, says: “I’ve got two young daughters competing — Millie is only eight — and safety is a major factor. We tried various safety stirrups, but we’ve found the Mountain Horse ones work best. The entire side comes away if the rider falls, stopping them from getting their foot stuck in the stirrup.”

    Peter favours these stirrups over other very lightweight models.

    “They’re heavier, so they hang in place and this makes it easier to retrieve them if Pippa loses a stirrup,” he explains.

    “As for the treads, they’re great for keeping the rider’s feet stable and in the right position.”

    Do I have to buy the whole system?

    NO — each individual part can be bought and used on its own. Using either the boots or the stirrup treads on their own will give the rider more grip.

    There are short and long versions of the SCS3 boots — the High Caliber is a rear-zip long boot and is suitable for competition wear, while the Windsor and Stirling are different styles of jodhpur boots that can be combined with matching gaiters.

    Italian bootmaker Fabbri also sells a model of its competition riding boots with the SCS3 sole.

    How do I get them?

    THE stirrups with SCS3 treads cost around £59.50, the treads on their own cost £9.99 per pair. The jodhpur boots cost around £97.50, while the High Caliber boots cost £189.95 (ladies’) and £197.50 (men’s).

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    This Q&A was first published in Horse & Hound (16 November, ’06)

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