H&H Asks: added ‘stickability’ in the saddle

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  • WHILE sitting beautifully still in the saddle is a skill that comes with practice or talent — or a bit of both — some top riders are buying a product that adds to their grip. H&H unveils this extra ingredient for having steady legs

    What is it?

    SPORTY Haft-Spray from Horse FitForm is an aerosol spray that is applied to the inner side of the rider’s boots or the saddle flaps, to help improve lower leg security and position in the saddle.

    It can be used in all disciplines, and it does not leave a mark or a residue on leather. It works by having an adhesive effect, due to the inclusion of wax and resin components. The end result is tackier surfaces, and a more stable seat.

    Who uses it?

    YOUNG horse producer and show jumper Tracy Priest believes it has saved her several near misses.

    “All my life, I have ridden youngsters who are quite sharp and I really believe that this has stopped me from falling off dozens of times. It is especially useful when it is cold and the leather is a bit dry, as this spray just helps to keep your lower leg still and steady. It’s great for competitions.”

    Dressage rider Wayne Channon also recommends this product to his pupils.

    “It makes your boots sticky and is effective in keeping your lower leg still. It really helps you to hug your horse’s sides and stops that little swing you often get. If a pupil has a lower leg problem, it is very useful.”

    Other users include show jumper Guy Williams and dressage rider Mark Ruddock.

    Where can I get it?

    THE Sporty Haft-Spray is a German product, but is available in a range of tackshops in the UK, priced around £6-£7.

    Contact Inchs Saddlery Tel: 01635 297090 www.inchs.com or CulmerDrees Tel: 07886 261248

    This Q&A was first published in Horse & Hound (22 March, ’07)

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