H&H loves: Equerry leather body brushes

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  • In the latest edition of our occasional series in which H&H staff talk about products they simply couldn't live without, H&H editor Lucy Higginson explains why she loves Equerry leather body brushes

    I’ve come to the conclusion I am a complete body brush snob, preferring the Equerry leather body brush to all others.

    It’s probably all down to the fact I’ve become an office softie, cosseted from the hard realities of yard life, but most body brushes are just too heavy, hard and big for me. My hand soon becomes stiff or sweaty from the effort of grasping it and the horse fails to get quite the grooming it deserves.

    Thus I always have an Equerry leather body brush in my tack box — lightweight, soft-backed, with good spring bristles that stand the test of time. It also seems to wash perfectly well (though I do that infrequently).

    And I always have it clearly named so it doesn’t wander!

    Equerry leather body brushes fact file

    Brand: Equerry — holds the Royal Warrant for horse grooming brushes
    Product: Leather-backed body brush
    Colour and styles: Various
    RRP: around £24
    Visit the website

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