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  • Q: Could someone explain the reasoning behind the rule in eventing that states that pony, junior and young rider Union flags must be removed from jackets two years after the rider has competed at their relevant championships?

    Surely any rider who achieves the honour of representing their country deserves to wear their nation’s flag with pride at any age?
    JS, Yorkshire

    ACCORDING to the British Equestrian Federation (BEF), the rulings regarding this matter are discipline-specific. And following the submission of an in-depth paper on this subject, British Eventing has decided to reverse the ruling. The original ruling was put in place because it was felt that the flags worn by younger riders might detract from senior riders’ achievements. However, the board has just decided that riders of any age can now wear their hard-earned flags for as long as they want on their jackets.

    According to British Dressage (BD) rules, pony, junior or young riders can wear their pocket badge only for two seasons after it has been awarded.

    “At this point there are no plans to change this ruling, although all rules are reviewed at the end of every year,” says a BD spokesperson.

    The ruling for show jumpers is an unwritten one.

    “Pony, junior or young riders can wear the badge during their years in the category and for two years after they are no longer eligible in that category,” says a BSJA spokesperson.


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    This Q&A was first published in Horse & Hound (30 August, ’07)

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