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    Q: I noticed that Lucy Wiegersma’s Shaabrak was wearing a double noseband in the jumping phase at Badminton Horse Trials. Was it a combination lever bridle?
    CR, Hertfordshire

    Lucy tells us that Shaabrak was wearing a “short shank” Nathe Combination bit, together with a drop noseband, during the show jumping phase at Badminton. She also used this combination at the Express Eventing competition in Cardiff at the end of last year.

    The Nathe Combi bit is available in medium- and short-shank lengths, with a variety of mouthpieces. Nathe bits are made from a flexible, plastic material that conceals a metal cable.

    “I have something of a ‘bit fetish’ and rate the Nathe Combination bit,” said Lucy. “It is really useful to correct horses that run through your hand and hollow, as it applies some pressure on the nose.

    “I have tried a hackamore and a bit previously to achieve a similar result, but the action felt unnatural —the Nathe Combi gives a very natural feeling. I use it on horses to help them soften and come round.

    “I used the additional drop noseband with Shaabrak to prevent him opening his mouth.”


    The Nathe Combination bit is available from retailers including Derby House, £124.95

    Tel: 08000 480114


    This Q&A was first published in Horse & Hound (28 May, ’09)

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