H&H loves: Ariat Volant boots

In the latest update of our occasional series in which H&H staff talk about products they simply couldn't live without, H&H editor Lucy Higginson explains why she has fallen in love with her Ariat Volant long riding boots

My last pair of long riding boots were a wedding present from my uncle, and my 10th anniversary was some time ago! They are proper old-fashioned, tough-as-can-be leather, and still go hunting regularly.

But I long ago gave them up for day-to-day riding, preferring instead to wear more flexible boots and half chaps. Then I was persauded to try some of the relatively new Ariat Volant boots — close-fitting riding boots with a rear zip and what appears to be ‘trainer technology’ in the construction of the foot.

There were some panics in the first few weeks as they took a while to stretch and mould to my less than svelte calves, giving me some crampy twinges. But thereafter they have fitted like a second skin, and once I’m off the horse, I can run around in them as comfortably as I can in my Nikes.

I am addicted now to the close feeling fit around my ankle and foot — which seems to increase the connection with the horse — and fear I have not put my half chaps on once since acquiring these.

While I wouldn’t wade through mud in them as I would my hunting boots, I love to the comfort and feel of them on a horse.

Ariat Volant boots fact file

Brand: Ariat
Product: Volant tall riding boots (rear zip)
Colour: Black
Sizes: 3-8.5
RRP: £395
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