Equimins has added a new product to its digestion range — Activated Charcoal.

The charcoal can be used to help promote a calm digestive system in horses. The supplement is created from a vegetable form of carbon, made using ground coconut shells.

“Activated Charcoal is a new addition to our range, but charcoal been used for thousands of years to help support a healthy digestive system,” said David Willey of Equimins.

“It can used when the digestive system requires calming and cleansing, but shouldn’t be used as a long term supplement. That’s why we supply ours in an easy to reseal ecopack, to help maintain the product’s freshness between uses if necessary.”

The charcoal is available in 1kg packs and has an RRP of £16.50.

For more information visit www.equimins.com