5 early Christmas presents to treat yourself to

This week's new to the market round up features products from Sherpa, Woof Wear, Bespoke Browbands and Balios... why not treat yourself to a few early Christmas presents?

Sherpa Nima jacket

Nima_Sweater_Womens copy

The Nima jacket is hand knitted, breathable and lined with PrimaLoft insulation to make it extra warm and comfortable. Its exclusive jacquard knit pattern makes it stand out from other sweaters. It’s sure to become the layer you reach for when it’s cold at home.
RRP: £220
Visit: www.sherpaadventuregear.co.uk

Kirtipur sweater from Sherpa


The Kirtipur sweater is hand knitted using 100% lambswool and is lined with PrimaLoft, which is a soft, breathable and lightweight insulation.
RRP: £240
Visit: www.sherpaadventuregear.co.uk

Woof Wear smart showjumping boots

Smart TendonFetlock Boot

Jump with confidence in Woof Wear’s new smart showjumping boots. Designed to absorb high-speed impact, these stylish tendon and fetlock boots are soft and flexible. Incorporating Woof Wear’s smart technology, they offer protection on demand, whilst being lightweight and stylish, hardwearing and functional with the durability expected from Woof Wear’s range. Designed for showjumping yet suitable for a range of disciplines. Available in black or white in sizes S/M, M/L and L/XL.
RRP: Tendon £60, Fetlock £40
Visit: www.woofwear.com

Liquorice Sweetie Bead Browband 
by Bespoke Browbands


These browbands are individually hand made from top grade English leather. With a range of padding colours to choose from these sweetie browbands are custom made to order. Gift vouchers are also available.
RRP: £30
To order please email bespokebrowbands@hotmail.com

Balios rider tracking device

device with app 1

Balios is a connected device that attaches to the girth of the saddle. It automatically tracks the intensity of a training session and the horse’s movement. The data is then sent to a free smartphone app via Bluetooth, allowing the rider to train more effectively. The app creates a report summarizing all of the collected data, which can be shared with your coach or vet, allowing all parties to adapt their training or treatment to the needs of the horse. The data from the app can also alert to the first signs of injury or fatigue to the horse, contributing to a more horse-friendly training.
RRP: from £105