4 new essential yard products to make your life easier

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  • This week’s new to the market round-up features yard essentials from Mr Black, M&M Timber, Aesculap Clippers, and Equimins

    Mr Black’s new Garment Essentials range

    1. mr black

    The complete Mr Black’s Garment Essentials collection has arrived at Selfridges. The complete range includes refresh sprays and wash products crafted specifically for each garment and are the perfect prescription for your wardrobe this summer. Mr Black’s Garment Essentials offers a full range of formulations tailored to care for your entire wardrobe. Infused with natural, nourishing ingredients the range features dedicated Refresh sprays and Wash formulations specific to leather, cotton and linen, wool and cashmere, denim and more. Perfect for the fashion conscious, Mr Black’s unique formulas penetrate deep into the fabric weaves, to clean, refresh and prevent stains from setting.
    RRP: £9.95 for the refresh sprays and £13.50 for the wash formulations.
    Visit: www.selfridges.com

    Agricised peeled and pointed fencing stakes from M&M Timber

    2. agricised peeled and pointed

    M&M Timber launces the first Agricised peeled and pointed posts in the UK. The purpose designed incisor machines were developed and manufactured in the UK to the company’s own specific requirements and are said to be the most technologically advanced in the country. The process creates a metre long ground contact band of uniform incisions, enabling a minimum of 6mm pressurised preservative treatment penetration to meet Class 4 and BS8417 ground contact zone requirements. It also serves to ease surface tension and reduces cracking. The fencing comes with a 15 year guarentee. Anticipating a big demand for orders this year, the manufacturing process has been configured to double production output, guaranteeing early delivery direct from stock.
    Visit: www.mmtimber.co.uk or call 01299 832611

    Precision Adjustment Aid for Aesculap Favorita Blades launched by Torqui

    3. Aesculap Torqui

    Aesculap has launched a new precision adjustment tool for use with its highly acclaimed Favorita clipper cutter heads. The new small, handy, maintenance-free torque wrench optimises the perfect plate pressure resulting in consistent cutting edge retention on any type of coat. This not only increases the lifespan of the blade due to longer intervals between re-sharpening but also enables the groomer to adapt the plate pressure to operate effectively on all different coat types. Torqui is simple to use and does not require any training or instruction. It is applicable for all Favorita blades and can be upgraded with the corresponding knurled screw. The Torqui will allow the blades to be easily readjusted to operate on anything from the fine fur of thoroughbreds to cobs and working horses with thick, long furry coats even if the blades are losing their sharpness.
    Visit: www.aesculap-clippers.com

    Equimins launches a new Lavender Shampoo for summer

    4. lavender shampoo

    Equimins has added a new Lavender Shampoo to its grooming range; a rich shampoo that’s ideal for washing horses and ponies this summer. The purple shampoo is made with lavender essential oil and has been created to leave the horse’s coat clean, shiny and smelling fresh. As an additional benefit, lavender can be used to help repel biting insects. Lavender Shampoo is available in 500ml bottles.
    RRP: £6.85
    Visit: www.equimins.com or call 01548 531770

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