Vets trace unexpected source of banned substance aminorex *H&H Plus*

Peter Green MRCVS shares important news that may explain why some horses have been testing positive for aminorex

Aminorex is an amphetamine-like stimulant drug banned in racing and other equestrian competitions because horses given clinical doses would be hyperactive and may perform better.

Doping agencies in the USA and Europe have been finding aminorex in the urine of racehorses and sports horses since the early 2000s. Trainers and owners have been heavily fined and banned as a result, despite pleading their innocence.

A number of these cases were eventually traced to the cattle wormer levamisole, which is sometimes used as an immune stimulant for horses with chronic lethargy or infections. As a result, trainers and riders and owners were warned to avoid the use of levamisole in competition horses.

But occasional cases of aminorex in post-competition urine samples have continued to crop up on both sides of the Atlantic. Affected trainers, riders and owners have been adamant that they have avoided the substance. So where is the aminorex coming from?

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