Modern breeding methods: what are they and which one is right for your mare? *H&H Plus*

  • Modern reproductive methods may offer a better chance of breeding success, but what do the abbreviations mean – and which is right for your mare? Dr Charles Cooke MRCVS explains

    Breeding has always been based on decisions, from which stallion to use to the method of breeding and where to foal the mare. Recently, these decisions have become more numerous, with the emergence of a range of modern assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs).

    Careful planning remains a must, whichever method is chosen, so that you and your vet can maximise the chances of success. Certain questions still need to be asked beforehand. Is the mare healthy? Does she have any conditions that might prevent her from carrying the pregnancy and foaling? Consideration must also be given to when you want the foal to be born, and the logistics of using your chosen stallion.

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