At the cutting edge: equine eyelid surgery *H&H Plus*

  • A clever surgical technique can restore full function to the eyelid after growth removal, as Andrea Oakes discovers

    SKIN masses, such as melanomas, sarcoids and squamous cell carcinomas, can be particularly troublesome when they appear in close proximity to the eye. Left untreated, a mass may grow and interfere with eyelid function or vision. Yet treatment can result in damage to the thin skin of the eyelid, inhibiting its ability to protect the eyeball and to keep it bathed in lubricating tears.

    While nine-year-old Irish Draught/thoroughbred mare Rosie appeared unbothered by a cluster of ulcerated masses developing at the outer corner of her left eye, vets at Pool House Equine Clinic in Staffordshire felt that these growths were best removed.

    You can also read this feature in the 13 May issue of Horse & Hound magazine.

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