Back conformation and saddle fit: what’s new in the veterinary world? *H&H Plus*

  • Peter Green MRCVS reports on back conformation and saddle fit


    A MUTATION in the gene labelled DMRT3, known as the “gait-keeper gene”, gives horses the ability to pace or tolt, rather than trot. This mutation is found in Icelandic horses (pictured) and other breeds with this ability.

    Swedish geneticists studied pedigree Icelandic horses, which are rigorously scored for their conformation and for the quality of these “lateral” gaits. They analysed the DNA of 177 performance-tested horses and discovered a genomic region strongly linked to the conformation of the withers, back and croup.

    You can also read this feature in the 13 May issue of Horse & Hound magazine.

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