Robert Walker: It seems quite a backward system *H&H Plus*


  • H&H’s showing columnist on entry systems, class times and positive mindsets

    Showing is winding down towards the end of a very short 2020 season and at home we’re well on with preparing another batch of youngsters. This season, shows may have been clustered together in the latter part but it’s been great for clients who at least got to enjoy their horses and see them out and about a few times.

    Despite no Horse of the Year Show (HOYS), there were a couple of championship shows which felt as though we did get some sort of finale. The societies really did get themselves together and did the best they could given the restrictions.

    Some positives have definitely come out of this year, despite the horrific and uncertain situation. A few things that we probably should have considered as a sport prior to the pandemic have come to light. One of these things is class times. It’s been hugely beneficial to have a class and working-in time so you’re not kicking around waiting all day. While it’s probably a nightmare for the secretary, it does help the day run more smoothly in general.