Pammy Hutton: ‘We owe our survival to social media’ *H&H Plus*

  • Pammy Hutton on the benefits that social media and the internet can bring

    SOCIAL media can be the world’s largest goldfish bowl. Yet, for many, the pros outweigh the cons. Over the past year, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have without doubt contributed heavily to the survival of many riding schools, including ours here at Talland.

    A crowd-funding campaign for the London-based Park Lane Stables, which specialises in Riding for the Disabled Association activities, raised over £1m and secured the stables’ future.

    A JustGiving template, developed via a joint effort between Ingestre Stables and Talland, raised over £280,000 collectively for many riding schools in the UK and overseas. This all happened through social media.


    This exclusive column is also available to read in this Thursday’s H&H magazine (15 April, 2021)

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