Anna Ross: ‘Is trolling synonymous with success?’ *H&H Plus*


  • Anna Ross on social media and why we could all benefit from some reality

    COMPETITIONS have restarted and riders all over the land have been nervously trying on their jackets. Lockdown sent people in two opposing directions: some have become fitness fanatics and others turned to the fridge for solace.

    I enjoyed reading the H&H dressage special issue last week (1 April), including the feature on outside perceptions of the sport. I would argue, though, that dressage does not have a perception problem because it looks effortless to the general public, as was discussed in the feature. Ballet dancers also look effortless, so perhaps we need to tap into that – the focus for dressage should be on the magical, invisible communication and harmony between horse and rider.

    The very best riders allow their horses to shine via their discreet signals using the very least pressure, so we all should be aspiring to this.

    This exclusive column is also available to read in this Thursday’s H&H magazine (8 April, 2021)

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