Laura Tomlinson: ‘We owe much to our female trailblazers’ *H&H Plus*


  • Laura Tomlinson reflects on the life of Prince Philip, and gender equality

    FIRSTLY I would like to add my heartfelt condolences to the royal family, and pay a small tribute of my own to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. What a life he led and what a legacy he has left behind, in the equestrian community and other spheres.

    As a keen sportsman and equestrian himself, he excelled on the polo field and later in carriage driving, which he helped turn into a competitive discipline in itself.

    As president of the FEI he helped create the World Equestrian Games (WEG), and I can vouch for what a phenomenal event the WEG is to be a part of. He also devised the Prince Philip Cup games. Mounted games is a discipline I never took part in as a child, but I have always watched it with complete awe.

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