Katie Jerram-Hunnable: It’s an ever-changing situation *H&H Plus*


As lockdown restrictions ease and some elite sports resume, we’re all wondering what the implications will be for showing. And will it ever be the same? The answer to the first question is that there seem to be two options – aim for a winter circuit run regionally or write off the 2020 season and start again next year. As for the second, we need to find temporary alternative strategies to give a safe way back to our sport.

No one knows whether Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) will go ahead as planned and if so, what will happen to the qualifiers? The HOYS website says that while it recognises this is an ever-changing situation and that they will be guided by the latest government recommendations, there is currently no direct advice about large events taking place later on in the year. Therefore, they are continuing to organise and prepare for October.