John Holliday: ‘Should it be ratcatcher or red for hunting during the pandemic?’ *H&H Plus*

  • John Holliday, professional huntsman of the Belvoir, reflects on the financial implications of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and why tradition is important

    LAST season was brought to an abrupt halt by the unprecedented wet weather. With barely a field drilled in the country, it is hoped it will be many years before we experience the like again. It did mean good scenting conditions for hounds and they had an outstanding season, even if the ride was somewhat curtailed by the impossibly deep going.

    This year’s offering thereafter has been Covid-19. No sooner was the season ended than I was laid low by the virus. After a pretty miserable month, I was thankful to find myself back in the glories of Belvoir Park basking in the spring sunshine, making recuperation that much speedier.


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